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Tuesday, December 2, 2008



Wisdom is this day's Supreme Mathematics.  I see Wisdom as a result of accumulated life experience, applying what you're learned from your travels on Earth.  A person can't be wise if they haven't experienced anything significant in their Life, AND learn how to get past it. Knowledgeable they can be, yes. Being well studied and being well versed though, are two different things...

The circumference of the Planet Earth is 24,896 miles, approximately 25,000 miles (2*, 1-40). To measure a circumference (c), the equation is c = ∏ x d. Pi (∏) is a universal constant, approximately 3.14 (Understanding the point that your Foundation is Supreme Mathematics), while the diameter (d) varies per cipher/circumstance. The greater the diameter, the greater the circumference. In this case, the diameter of the Planet Earth if 7,926 miles, Allah Borns Wisdom Equally from one end of the Earth to the other...

It's said that "He who controls the diameter of your knowledge, controls the circumference of your activity". Many Original People here in the wilderness of North America have gotten their knowledge from the colored man (2*, 1-10), and in that respect, the colored man controls their activity/wisdom (or lack of), and therefore what wil lBe Born from them (2*, Supreme Alphabet). As a result, they swim the Atlantic Ocean (2*, Actual Facts) over and over again, being enslaved on a daily basis, as opposed to coming & going in the wilderness of North America by their Own Self/Own will (2*, 1-36). I think robotic would be the best word to describe their ways & actions. 

What's implied in the quote above, is that you need to control the diameter of your Own Knowledge, so that only you control the circumference of your Own activity/Wisdom, and thereby develop your Own Understanding in regards to your Own Life, acheving your Own Power and Balance in Life as God or Earth Building your Own Life to Born new Ciphers/circumferences/circumstances. That's being Original, and it's the Original Man/Wise Man of the East/Black Man from Asia who writes his own Life in real time, to equal his home circumference/circumstance. Being my Own Man, I've always advocated Self-Education, because one only learns what one teaches their Own Self. Of course, I utilize the Knowledge that I acquire from others, however in the application of that Knowledge, I do it my way, and my way is determined from moment to moment, depending on what's needed @ that time.

It's Wise to change with the times...the past is gone and can only be used for reference. I prefer to leave it where it is, and not talk about it too much in the NOW, becasue you can project it into the future if you're not careful (renewing history vs. writing your future in advance). That's why most people experience the same problems over and over again, because they keep talking about it!!!...You can be dynamic, or static, your choice...

Learn to let go & stop beating dead horses!!! Lead some Living ones to drink new water/Wisdom instead...

The future is a mystery unless you use the Ruler of Supreme Mathematics to determine where the NOW is going, because NOW is ALWAYS the most important time of your Life. You can only renew your path, better yet, blaze a new trail, if you leave the past trials where they are, and handle what's happening NOW, in order to make the next step your best step...

That's how I apply the Wisdom I have, and that's why NOW is called present...

Peace...Allah Universal


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Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything in Life

Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything in Life
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