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Monday, December 1, 2008

A.S.I.A. Talk Episode #53 - Interview with the God Allah Universal


I’ve been Knowleding this Gabcast Cipher since Day one, and have enjoyed the Math being spit raw & uncut...downloaded mp3s, archived and all...It’s gotten me through some rough days & nights...For those that have been missing out, it’s not too late to catch up (episodes don’t stay up forever, so catch ’em while you can!)...

I was honored with the opportunity to bless the gabcast myself yesterday, invited by the God Supreme Victory Allah of C-Medina to share my thoughts, he’s a great interviewer and is more than qualified to hold his position...I thank the Brother for the opportunity to speak my own Universal Language, and hope to add-on more in the future (you always feel like there’s more you can say)...For those that haven’t, do the Knowledge, and see what’s what...please pardon the wind in the background, I’m in the parking lot @ the justice braving the gets cold & breezy in Mississippi too!

 Gabcast! A.S.I.A. Talk #53 - Interview with the God Allah Universal

Supreme builds with the God Allah Universal on various topics, conservative vs. liberal gods, teaching queens, his koran etc.



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Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything in Life
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