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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Separation of Church & Nation

Separation of Church & Nation

Peace...Just a thought before I begin…Some of you may have heard the story of the Indians in the Americas around Christopher Columbus time (not his real name, but that’s another topic) that could not see the ships that were approaching them from the waters, This may or may not be true, but is does have a good point, in that generally people can only see what they know or believe to be possible. It’s only the limits of Our own minds that can fail us, in any given situation. Acknowledging & exceeding those limits is how success and victory are attained.

I’m all for free thinking, and a person’s right to use and advocate whichever philosophy will get them through the day, and through life, without reaching out & touching someone or killing themselves. My physical family is from the state of Mississippi, which is in the so-called Bible-Belt, and aside from the many summer vacations in my earlier years, I recently lived in the state for 79 months and 4 days. The people there are for the most part friendly and congenial, and some of this is based on their attempts (sometimes less than earnest) to live according to their Christian beliefs. My opinion is that it’s more entrainment than anything, but it did make for a relatively comfortable stay. I mean, any attempt toward righteousness is better than not even trying. Because of the insight that I posses, I could see their strange mixture of complacency and dissatisfaction with their way of life. The majority, especially the young, can’t WAIT to get away from there, but it’s all that most of them know, so they just go through the motions. I’m no in anyway knocking small-town life, just the small-town mentality that comes along with it, where you tell them of what the world has to offer, and they can’t see it (24*, 1-36).

How they saw me, and I say this without arrogance or self-aggrandizement, was a near-perfection of what they were striving to live in regards to righteousness, and intelligent application of what (they think) their prophet Jesus taught, in other words, being Divine. I still get emails, texts, & calls of thanks and praise from many whose lives I’ve impacted for the better. Not to say that it was ALL good, or else I’d still be there. Just like anything positive though, there must be some negativity to balance (6*, SF). Most with any good sense KNEW that I had more Understanding of what they were being taught in their churches than what they actually got there, but some of them just couldn’t “believe” it to be real (23*, 1-36). And this is where the entrainment comes in: One of the hardest parts of teaching a person anything beyond what they know is getting them to see beyond the limits that they’ve been taught to place on themselves (2*, 1-14). When a person believes that Jesus’ level of Understanding (or anyone else for that matter) is unattainable to them, and that they can only pray & hope for forgiveness as a born sinner (negative self-image), they will not be able to reach or exceed said limitation no matter HOW much they want to, simply because they believe they can’t (12*, 1-40).

Another consequence is that they have a hard time believing that one who HAS meet and exceeded said goal can be real, so a certain level of denial and even envy comes into play. I was constantly compared to their ideal (Jesus), also scanned & criticized for flaws so that they wouldn’t have to face the fact that they themselves can also attain said goal, with directed effort. In terms of descriptions applied to me, I think “militant asshole” was the funniest I can remember, contrasting with “amazing” said by the same person. Talk about confusion. What I drew from it though, is that someone proving that you’ve been lied to, & wrong your whole life is quite a shock to the system. Some people refuse to see what’s right in front of them, simply because they don’t want to change. Ironically, change is inevitable & constant, & no belief can render that fact untrue.

I say all of that, to say this; My recent experience, along with my own experience with religion, has given me the insight into the limits religion & religious behavior puts on a person’s mental capacities, and the difficulty it takes to break that elusive “glass ceiling”, or to even see the elevator door that will take them to the next level that they inherently know exists, but misinterpret to their own detriment. And I also learned, unfortunately, that this to can happen amongst Allah’s 5%. Yes, the civilized are still in need of some refinement in Our pursuit of Happiness (17º, 1-40). If we are to build Civilization beyond where it is now, the small-town mentality has got to go (21*, SA)…

A recent topic revolving around the Nation of Gods and Earths has been people with religious teachings & tendencies that are “mixing” them with Science and Mathematics (9*, 1-14). Certain individuals and groups/nations (10*, 1-10) have been mentioned for their distorted use of Supreme Mathematics, as well as distortions of the Black Man in his Supreme Being role and the Black Woman in her Supreme Borning role So, naturally what results is high explosives & the absence of Peace amongst Original People. I have had direct experience with a few of those who are aligned with these causes, and met opposition, contradiction, and just plain lack of Understanding what We as Allah’s 5% Nation advocate, per the Prescribed Laws of Mathematics and Science. What’s worse, where there WAS Understanding, there was blatant distortion and adoption of a worldview that was made to fit the emotional agendas of the ones advocating that kind of teaching to me. And no relief came to me until I left them alone to prove themselves wrong (11*, 1-40).

In Yacub World Manifest, there are indeed scientists that adhere to religion, and if they’re not careful or wish to use science to advocate their worldview, they’ll inject that into their presentations and poison the minds of the people with pseudo-science. While it may be true that some of the said groups/nations ARE prostituting Our teachings willfully (12*, 1-40), WHY it’s even happening is a question that only WE can answer. I’ll tell you, because WE allowed it to get to that point. Don’t “believe” me? 120 has it all laid out. The 1-36 can be used to diagnose any problem with Us here in the Wilderness, so We can start there. Or, We can take a good look @ the whole 1-14, to see where Our mistakes were made historically. And the story of Yacub’s come-up right under the noses of those in charge in the 1-40 is a good lesson too. Ultimately, We let it happen. How? By not being where We could be Nowadays. This IS the near future spoken about in the ‘30s & 60’s, no more time to procrastinate.

The United States of America, in the 1797 Treaty of Tripoli, states as a nation that “the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion”. While that may have been true then, look around, it’s now a triple lie. The United States of America, just like the Nation of Gods and Earths, didn’t start out with religion as Our foundation, but now look around, it’s all over. What & how did this come about? Attempts to advance us as a nation through general education, including the study of various branches of math & science are STILL being thwarted by some. (6*, 1-14) The Father has replaced the “ideal” Jesus who’s level of Understanding is unattainable in the minds of some Gods and Earths, and the result is a negative self-image, no different than the Christians I’ve been around for 6+ years (5*, 1-14). In order to make devil, one must begin by…(31*, 1-40)…

There can be no progress in this matter, or any other matter, until blame is placed where it belongs – not at said individuals and groups, but instead Our Own Selves. Yes, WE holding the Greatest titles on the Planet, brought these conditions upon Ourselves (13º, 1-40). What & How? By placing limits on what We can or can’t study, what We teach along with 120, where We go to teach, infighting, trying to outdo one another to see who can teach the most, or who has the sharpest sword, worrying about who can take who’s God or Earth, gossip about who did & didn’t come to the Universal Rally or Parliament, children born into the Nation who have the teachings “forced” upon them instead of fed to them, and rebel as a result (how’s that different from a religious household? 8º, 1-36), and many other “religious tendencies” that a Scientific Common-Unity shouldn’t fall victim to. Meanwhile, We can blame them for spreading their gospels all We want, but unbeknownst to many of Us, with Our OWN behavior We’re are creating the very Frankensteins that end up joining said groups & nations (9*, 1-14) because of their dissatisfaction with the Truth (their own personal reasons & the only one We can’t be accountable for), with personal issues amongst each other, with pins that trickled in to Our teachings instead of High Sciences, with uncivilized behavior amongst the so-called civilized, and general complacency with what The Father gave Us in the 60’s, as opposed to taking what he gave Us further as the CURRENT Fathers of Civilization (5*, 1-14). So, why DID We make these groups? To show forth & prove Our Power, that We CAN and WILL overcome Our internal affairs starting with Saving ourSelves from the de-evolution NOW, or end as a Nation (35º, 1-40).

In my travels through the Wilderness by myself with our uncle(an) (2-5*, 1-36) , I’ve seen in my Own Self the potential for both the positive and negative impact that We can have as a Nation, more positive by simply not being so goddamn stuck on Ourselves that We ain’t doing the knowledge to what the people around Us have been begging for: Us to get it together & get it to them. We can’t offer people a farm when we can’t even milk the cow our damn Selves (28º, 1-36), the youth see right through that. Where We fall short, they lose out. The youth in the country are hopping to whatever seems hip @ the moment simply because they haven’t gotten an alternative that they can’t see through yet, & so as long as they continue to find ways around Us via said nations, they will. And they MIGHT, just out of spite, proverbially burn Our Universal Flag while doing so. I say We don’t get emotional & lose time blaming them (10*, 1-40), & although they still have to answer for it (10*, SA), it’s Our Duty to fix Ourselves up so they don’t even go there. They’re essentially, at their root, no different than Us (7*, 1-14) in that We all want Freedom, Justice, & Equality (16*, 1-40), We just need to educate them on how to educate themselves better & to think bigger, by 1st being the example (18-20*, 1-40). Because I’m not about theories, I’m working my Own Plan for the solutions as an Individual, as We all should. Then We can put Our Minds together to find the best practices (minus the selfishness), and get this issue re-solved, with a Right and Exact permanent fix. Said nations will only have as much Power as We give them, (38*, 1-40), & We can’t give them Power without taking it away from Our selves 1st, such as publicity, which is why I didn’t name names (plus, that’s just not what I do)…plug the leaks & be careful of who, what, how, & why you teach…Then what happens? I could say more on this, but I’d rather let you, the reader, think freely on how you can do your part in upholding the weight (6*, 1-40)…

Separate the church from the Nation, & We’ll be able to govern Ourselves MUCH better, or should I say, Supremely…


Allah Universal

(Living Mathematics)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Interest Rates from Hell (Usury) & the Sex Hit List (Usery)


I've been working on my next Original blog (Separation of Church & Nation - title taken don't use it, just bc I'm busy don't mean I won't know), but something caught my eye as I was checking my email...I'm taking time out to type this up with a migraine (had more than usual this week), so pardon any lack of "proper" grammar or writing style or anything of the sort, even tho I usually don't give a damn about that the point(s)...

I subscribe to, per email digests (K.I.M. does a damn good job of making info available to the general public & making it appealing & readable), & came across two blogs that were posted, that made me smh....

Since I have a Daughter, Ill do this one 1st...


The story of how this was made public is @ the bottom of the image, & @ the source link, but you can read those on your own...when I was younger I had what could be called "sex hit lists" too (I'm staying mum on my success percentage), but not until today seeing this did I even fathom that a girl would have one...WRITTEN DOWN!!! Fuck how it was made public, it's the fact that it even existed in the 1st place that bothers me...I accepted a while back that it's normal for females to have as much of a sex drive as a male, nowadays though I have to ask, is what we're seeing REALLY normal??? K.I.M. made some good points re: the way that "society" no longer makes sex as much of a taboo as it used to be, but who's responsible for Our Daughters worldview in the 1st place? PARENTS! & It's apparent that We have a hell of a job! Sheltering a child from the world isn't something I would recommend @ all, I've see that go wrong in all kinds of ways (i.e. ask a preacher's daughter, they were my faves for a while as a teen), but a form of sheltering does need to be done, on a mental level, & that's the shelter of Understanding...Not being afraid or ashamed to talk to a child about sex, what's healthy, what's not, why following the crowd won't be in her best interest, etc. This goes for Our Sons also, a thumbs up from Dad about the girl he just walked up the stairs ain't cool, it's enabling. make sure that they Understand that sex is not what it made out to be on TV, that there's much more to it than the physical aspect, and that there's repercussions for mistakes made from ignorance of sexuality. I could say more, but I don't wanna get preachy...I'll just say be the Best Parent that you can be so that your daughter (or son) doesn't have a list like this stashed away...On 2 da next 1..

Saw this on CNN earlier, but thought it was bullshit (never trust just 1 source of info...)


A credit card...with a 79.9%...interest...rate...What the fuck?

Ok, some if not most of us have heard about the new regulations effective in 2010 that'll "somewhat" restrain banks from fucking people into debt & out of their money using lines of credit (a.k.a. money that doesn't exist). That'll do nothing to curb excessive spenders, but that ain't the issue here...Until those regulations are effective, banks are obviously cashing in while they can...But come on, 79.9% interest on a card with a $300 dollar limit? Somebody @ First Premier/Premier Bankcard is trying REALLY hard to prove a point!!! Don't have much more to say about this other than That shit is ridiculous! And to READ, actually READ the fine print that comes along with those card offers, whether online or through snail mail, you could save urself some pissed-offedness in the long run...

Anyway, I'm out, got more NSAIDs to take...


Saturday, November 21, 2009

He ReWrites it for AnOther...


One of the mottos that I live by is "take NOTHING on face value". Why? Because conditions and circumstances don't make the person, it's the person that gives value to conditions & circumstances. What is the Circumstance? The Cycles of Life. There's many cycles/ciphers that one must go thru in life, in order to learn about Self. If you find yourself in a cipher over & over, there's something you missed, & until you get it, you'll recreate that circumstance for yourself so that you can get it right & progress. Once you've graduated that cipher, you step right into the next, the Universe doesn't hesitate one bit...

I'm not one to have regrets about the Life I've chosen, yet there's ONE thing that I did truly regret, for the last so many years - not finishing school. Sure, I graduated high school, 6th in my class w/o even really trying, & at the time it was almost miraculous being that I hardly went, or paid full attention (moved too slow for my taste), or stayed the whole day when I went...Hey, I get bored easy...Quite honestly, I hadn't prepared myself for what a University had to offer me, in terms of taking formal education seriously and giving it my all. I was just used to things coming easy for me, and was blindsided. Well, that and falling victim to my own greed. Simultaneously I took my own self-education VERY seriously, always have, glad I did, & still do. I was of the mind though, that the educational system in America was a joke. In a sense, I was right, just look @ India & Japan's educational programs & you'll see what I mean...

Holding a thought for an extended period of time GUARANTEES that it will be brought to life, & it makes no difference whether that thought is the Best thought, a poor thought, or one of the worst thoughts. Holding this regret has (seemingly) inadvertently opened an opportunity to get the formal education that I subconsciously sought. The 5-6 year plan that I had, has had all of the "unnecessary" coursework stripped a way, with a focus on the core courses (most of which I already know), and I will be done in 33 weeks once it starts. "Lucky" me right? Sagittarius rising has always worked in my favor :)

Now, on face value, it looks like I got fucked in the game that Corporate America plays with people in it's pursuit of all things belonging to the masses, minds included. Yet, I don't see it that way. I got a golden opportunity to see the inner workings of a system that I NEVER thought that they would let me into. Might have caught a sucker punch in the end, but it's "fair", seeing that I suckered them into opening the door in the 1st place, with no hint of a college degree @ all. A determined, swift & agile mind, a "slightly" exaggerated resume`, Gemini gift-of-gab, & I'm in there! That was also my trip-up, I knew TOO much, been there too long & seen the patterns of operation...My time was coming, & by September, I had apparently become a liability moreso than an asset...See, there was the 2009 summer lay-off, where I got paid handsomely to keep my mouth shut for a while about the goings-on...So I just said fuck it & spent that time with my children & friends...What I didn't know, was that they already had plans for me & those like me when we got back...You see, when business is bad, overhead has to be cut down, just business, can't be mad @ that, until you suddenly discover that you ARE the over-head, literally...People fear what they don't understand, oh well...

All in all though, I'm thankful for the opportunity to GET PAID to learn both how to run a business, and how NOT to run a business. I picked up a LOT of skills, ranging from social to technical, leadership & managerial, discipline, even picked up some medical training along the way...ALL IN ONE BUILDING!!! Friendships in ALL walks of life was my everyday all day. Can't honestly think of one person who didn't like me there unless it was envy or jealousy. My entire time there, I kept hearing the likes of "Why are you even still working here?" "U could be doing ANYTHING else!! Y you still work here" "Hell, you could be a professor some damn where!"...I knew the answer, knew I was trapping myself into an "indentured servitude", but the given answer was usually "My Babies need me to be here, if it wasn't for them I'd be elsewhere", or "When I find better I'll be outta here", or my favorite "Because y'all need me here lookin' out for y'all, u see nobody else will"...All right answers, but not Right & Exact...What I didn't realize until recently, was that my ego was constantly being fed, I undoubtedly LOVED being THE go-to person...Life-long ailment that I didn't start to rectify until just this month, still a work in progress...

So now, again, I'm presented with new opportunity. The opportunity that I could have taken advantage of some years ago, but failed to do so. I was watching something by Gregg Braden recently, and paraphrasing, it was said that when you feel that you've lost everything that you sought, congratulate yourself, because you now have the tools to master the adversity that you face. It couldn't have come @ a better time, I think I had that video a few months before I finally decided to watch it. It was then that I made the decision to stomp that final regret in my life, & get my ass back in school to finish what I started...

For the past couple of years, I've been really into Napoleon Hill's "Think & Grow Rich". One of the teachings of that writing is that adversity is a natural part of the road to success. It tests you, to see how bad you REALLY want it! It molds your character, slices & dices all false pretenses that you may have been given about life, & shows & proves to you who you REALLY are! Yeah, the Bible, the Qur'an, 120 and the life of the Prophet Muhammad (& the lives of all great men & women) taught me all that too, but it's not until adversity is RIGHT in your face, that you face the VALUE of it. If things are going well ALL the time, there's no real growth going on, just a recycling of the same old shit, different colors & smells...No different than if things are fucked up all the time...

No debt goes unpaid in the Universe, and I owe it to myself, my Babies, and to many others, to succeed, and to not consciously or unconsciously hold myself back in life. This writing is just one part of my down payment, & as I have been, I'm gonna keep paying forward on it each & everyday in each & every way. What's my definition of success? It doesn't matter, at least it shouldn't matter to the reader, because each one needs to have their OWN measure of success. I have mine, and I know the difference between an idea, and a determined idea. One comes & goes, the latter has no competition, because it's aligned with every natural force in the Universe, & whether particles or waves, who can deny the motion of Light? Not a Sol...As long as I got this bop in my step, Imma keep it movin'...

Allah Universal
(Living Mathematics)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mathematics, the Language of Symbolism, & the Nature of Progress

"...and I take ALL Knowledge & use it to benefit myself, I don't care WHO said it...the world is building on a square now, it’s going to be building a circle. And they don’t NEED yo’ ideas no mo’. Your ideas did what they was ‘sposed to do…All you gotta give ‘em is the basics & they’ll do it they own what? SELF!...So each generation brought this about right? So let the children bring about another new world… And for the benefit of aaanny country, certain people got to CHAAANGE! It’s not a shame in change. There’s no shame in change…and all things was put forth before I became involved myself in the Knowledge of Self & let THEM know!…& I can tell ‘em aaalll about them but they can’t tell me NOTHIN’ about me, cause I’m a new breed that they don’t know about…”

…Allah’s taped interview…
(pardon any paraphrasing, some of this is from memory, my tape broke years ago & don’t trust the transcript 100%)

"... Truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it..." - Max Planck

"One problem with all organized religions is that too much focus is placed on getting new converts taught “the basics” and very little effort is made to continue to nourish people who are ready to progress to a higher level. The result is that all you get is Sunday School baby talk and most of the veterans stop showing up after 3 to 5 years of hearing the same stuff week-after-week… Islam is mathematics and mathematics is Islam. This stands true and can be proven in no limit of time. If the Saviour is correct, if indeed, Islam is mathematics, then there must be lower and higher Islams even as there are lower and higher maths. Simple arithmetic is math, but certainly must be lower than quantum physics. It is interesting and funny to note that higher mathematicians easily see the truth in low math, low mathematicians are incapable of seeing the truth in higher math... One who knows Algebra can bear witness to the truth of simple Arithmetic, but a person who knows only Arithmetic is unable to see Algebra’s truth. How, he might wonder, can anyone be so primitive that they’d try to add, subtract and multiply letters? And to say X = 36 + 12? Likewise, someone who knows the higher Islam can see the validity of simple, basic (Arithmetic) Islam. But practitioners of lower Islam will only, like children, call higher Islam practitioners a bunch of names."
… quoted from Amir Fatir's "The Flag of Islam"…

"...the greatest enemy of Knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of Knowledge...” - Stephen Hawkings

Just appetizers…and now, food for thought…


Imma start this one by saying Allah Universal Living Mathematics is no follower (yes, that’s been my whole name since the birth of my 1st Sun over 5 years ago). Going against the grain/masses has caused quite a few problems in my past, but to still have my Own Mind to think & do for Self, was well worth the Understanding. My Ol’ Earth NEVER gave me an answer for anything, her favorite words were “look it up” when I asked something she either didn’t know, or wanted me to see for myself. Self-Education was instilled in me early on, & I learned so much & taught her & my fam so much they nicknamed me “The Scientist”. They in turn taught me how to fight under any circumstances & win, no matter how many came against me. & if I didn’t win, charge it to the game & learn from it…

I never stepped foot into any “house of worship” under force or duress, always by choice to see what I could see. The numerous churches, Muhammad Mosque #3, the Ahmaddiyyah Mosque on Fond du Lac, the Sunni Mosques on Teutonia and on South 13th St., Sufi studies where ever I found ‘em, all by choice. Even when I was first told about the 5% @ Knowledge God years of age & given Supreme Mathematics & Alphabet, I memorized it as I was told, but didn’t want any parts of it, because I wanted to see for myself what I would be gettin’ into, & not follow what I saw 5%ers around me doing. Always been like that. And that’s the very reason why I bore witness to Allah’s teachings after 6 years of investigating for myself. Obviously, I’m not an easy person to convince of ANYthing.

So, after 30 years on the Planet, including 6 years & some months of having 120 on cap & actively working it, last year I hear of the concept of applying Supreme Mathematics to “regular math”. It sparked a memory, back to when I was studying in 2001 & asked what connection Supreme Mathematics had with the math I learned in school. The answer I got was, and I quote, “Why mufuckas always wanna get all high scientifical with this?” I was also told by another Brother in the room not to confuse myself. And naw, I ain’t gone name-drop, it ain’t important who said this to me. Anyway, problem for me was, I was ALREADY a high scientist who loved Mathematics before I even got 120. I knew there was a connection, but couldn’t articulate it. And while I learned of this man called Allah being called a High Scientist in his time, I was ready to take what I already knew beyond the mundane. Yet, there was a well-intended, yet ignorant attempt to “stunt my growth”, as the old folks say…I didn’t take it personal, shrugged my shoulders & kept it moving, I still do that, why argue?…I say all that though to say this: I support the idea of this Nation studying ALL branches of Mathematics, and utilizing every applicable function learned in the process along with Supreme Mathematics. Why? So that Our Babies can sincerely love mathematics, in ALL forms…Doesn’t matter who said it first, fact is it’s practical, & our claim of being Supreme Mathematicians SHOULDN’T be just a another parroted cliché…In other words, NOBODY IS MAKING ME DO THIS, I came to this conclusion by myself, just so happened someone else said it publicly 1st , and I agreed…Followed, no, AGREED, yes. Ain’t no mystery to it…I mean, we got an English Lesson, why not a Math Lesson? Matter of fact, ain’t algebra in the 1-40 already? Yep…Looked right past it didn’t you? :-)

We have to keep in mind that Allah, being the Self-Educated man he was, left the Temple BECAUSE he saw something in The Honorable Elijah Muhammad's teachings that most of the Muslims in the Temple couldn't. Not wouldn’t see, couldn’t see. He did the Knowledge, followed for a while, saw what was up, "tried" to tell ‘em, they wasn't ready, he took a stand, & eventually it got to you. Simple as that. No disrespect & no love lost. Incidentally though, the Muslims took a fall because of that some years later. The earthquakes from that fall still put out plenty aftershocks to this day. The early Gods & Earths bore witness to what Allah saw in The Honorable Elijah Muhammad's teachings, and subsequently didn't fall when this earthquake hit on February 25, 1975. This is why We didn’t get fooled & still stand nowadays. And yeah, We as a Nation took some flack for it, still do. Yeah, We still quote his answers, a Master Mason's words, and @ times, or in regards to certain subjects, I think We overlook one the most pertinent statements in the Lessons that leads One to Understanding said Lessons: believe in the 10% on face value...

Before anyone takes this trip, here's my disclaimer: I AM NOT SAYING ELIJAH WAS 10%!!! In fact, when I see 10%, I don't think about a group of people whispering & conspiring to bring me & my people down, that’s misdirected energy that could be used to Understand & Advance Self. I see the said 10% as our conscious mind that We have reduced ourselves to actively using; the 5 senses/materialistic point of view that religion & capitalism subconsciously taught Us. Well, what's behind those 5 senses deciphering the electric signals delivered to the brain? Not the brain by itself! The brain is a physical receiver/transmitter for the dimensions of Our Subconscious Mind & more, the other 90% of that We (normally) don't have direct access to unless dreaming, meditating, or in some other "altered" state of consciousness (déjà vu, etc.). THIS is what needs to be civilized first, the 85% within self, and learning something new literally reshapes the cerebral cortex. It’s here that "pins" need to be removed from, and We already have within Us the so-called 5% (Super, Magnetic,& Infinite Consciousness) to draw the Power from to do so. (side note: the Sufis call these 5 stages of consciousness Nasut, Malakut, Jabarut, Lahut, and Hahut)

When we draw the Lessons up in a fine mist (as just illustrated for example), this is showing an Understanding of the Language of Symbolism. And ALL branches of Mathematics use symbols to universally express the values & concepts that Mathematics reveal. Math wouldn’t mean a things without them. Applying Mathematics Supremely goes beyond just seeing applying Supreme Mathematics at ONLY the level of Arithmetic. There’s more to Mathematics than that, always has been, always will be, and who in their right mind can deny that? We can use every mathematical symbol available to Us with Supreme Mathematics, and not change Supreme Mathematics one bit, because it already is what it is. We’ve learned to use the language of symbolism that the Master Mason who gave these answers placed in them, why not use the same with what Allah himself gave Us? Yeah, he gave Us the basics, but the rest We got do our Own what? Self! And just so it doesn’t seem like I’m discrediting the basics, I’ll stress that higher levels of math or anything else CANNOT exist without the arithmetical basics!!! First We lay on our back & cry, then We crawl, then walk, then run, & then fly if the math is right! Either that or we fall on our asses as a Nation…

I/We wouldn't be anywhere without the basics, lemme say that again. Sticking ONLY to the basics though, is where many cultures/religions of the past (including the NOI) have made their mistakes, and many lives have been lost because of this instead of saved, or better yet learning to save themselves. I don’t at all want to say that We should throw out the baby with the bath water, I’m just saying feed the baby what it needs to mature into a Grown (not big) Man. I stated once before that illiteracy has been brought into the Nation. Not intentionally I’m sure, but seriously, think about it, & I’m speaking from experience…How many people have you taught that in retrospect you wish you never did? That never got to Understanding no matter HOW much you “built” wit ‘em, or HOW long they had Math, Alphabet or 120, howEVER far they got into it? And how many of ‘em brought their 85% lives with them & NEVER let it go, whether it be religion, drug addiction, drama addiction, pork addiction, ignorance-is-bliss addiction whatever? Instead, they try to integrate bullshit into a culture based on Pure Mathematics, which in and of itself canNOT be diluted mixed or tampered with? AND how long did it take YOU individually to see it (or have you)? Yeah, come as you are, but damn! Wash up & change clothes @ least!...Point is, some people ain’t never been, ain’t ready to, & ain’t gonna change, no matter WHAT they get! Admittedly, we lost time searching for that which existed in people that they couldn’t see…& what they couldn’t see is progress…

I learned the hard way that it’s not about how many I teach, it’s about WHO I teach, that makes the difference on how far they’re gonna reach. Teaching people that have brought illiteracy into the Nation has been a part of Our Stag-Nation (pun VERY much intended). Quality over Quantity is how applying Supreme Mathematics eventually taught me to see things. The Cipher takes precedence over the Square, but the Square is still a useful tool, can’t get Right (AND exact) Angles (Born Ciphers) without it. In this analogy, the Cipher is Supreme Mathematics as We’ve known and used it, and then some. The Square is every other branch of Mathematics that falls underneath and connects with it. I don’t know it all, & don’t want to come off that way. I still learning & re-learning as I go. I know though when I’m on to something, as opposed to when I’m walking down a dead-end street. When it was stated that Mathematics is Islam, I didn’t see a limit to the Mathematics that IS Islam. And I know, some might even go so far as to call this approach to Supreme Mathematics grafting, but do they know that grafting also means adding a branch onto an existing tree in the science of agriculture & horticulture? Sounds like useful land to me…

There's nothing wrong with elevating beyond what you’re given. Allah already showed & proved THAT! It's been a commonality in the Black Community to ridicule someone who steps outside of the “program”, & even to associate Intelligence with "acting white", usually said by someone who was made deaf dumb & blind when they were a baby in the 1st place! The irony…It’s really the other way around, teaching & advocating ignorance, & when someone doesn’t fall for that, it gets physical. Been there, done that, & it’s pointless. Shit, we get enough of that as it is, then to be doing it amongst ourselves. Fact is, it's natural for Original People to be/express Original Intelligence, for the Original Intelligence is what? Allah, the Original Man/Mind. I Sincerely Love ALL Masters who came before me who brought ANY Knowledge & Wisdom that I’ve used to Progress, especially those who brought Knowledge & Wisdom I had to earn. I’d be silly of me to continue though, to stand in their shadows, especially after they’re dead & gone, & that ain’t what any TRUE Master wants. That’s just plain lazy & counterproductive. Dare I say, it’s religious. Ain’t We supposed to be killin’ dat?

When it comes what We’ve been given by our forerunners, of course there's some literal interpretation required, and some basic applications that can be used to get Us through the day. But your own common sense should NOT be ignored! For instance, the Student Enrollment tells Us that there's 29 million square miles of useful land. It implies on face value that that’s all that exists for vegetation on the Planet. Taken literally, we’d drop dead from lack of oxygen, so what gives? THEM, being that his word was bond by his oath, couldn't say some things directly, that doesn't mean that said things weren't said...Elijah left it this way to MAKE Us think for ourselves, & take it further, as We should be doing still. All Masters take this approach to teaching, to make a Man Woman or Child think for they damn self. The God told Us in the ‘60s that Mathematics is Our foundation. Mathematics is the one field of study that I know of that’s open for discussion, but never for debate. With math, you either Right & Exact, or dead wrong, no in between. You can even have more than one Right & Exact answer, part of the beauty in it, but you can’t go passing off a partial answer forever. You only get partial credit if any, & I’ve never passed a class on partial credit.

If I'm wrong to expound on Supreme Mathematics beyond how it was given to me, prove me wrong, & I’ll leave it alone. I'd rather be the first to see my error & correct it accordingly. The way I see it though, whether you count from Day One, or from June 13, 1969, We’ve already spent our 40 years in the wilderness. It’s time to get past that, & let our Babies set foot on new land that We wittingly or unwittingly promised them. If we don’t receive more gold from what we were given, they should. I do realize that I may be drawing some opposition to myself just for having these thoughts & puttin’ it out there. Oh well. As I stated earlier, I don’t waste my time or energy arguing with anyone, got a Life to Live. Plus, that’s not progress, it’s regression, and how devil is made. Mathematics is always open for discussion, but never for debate.

Allah Universal

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Red Bull gives you W...I mean Heart failure...

This wasn't intended to be my next blog, but since so many people enjoy this & other cans of liquid crack, I mean, "energy" drinks...

This drink is SOLD in all the supermarkets IN OUR country and our children ARE CONSUMING IT ON A REGULAR BASIS. IT can be FATAL. RED BULL was created to stimulate the brains in people who are subjected to great physical force and in stress coma and never to be consumed like an innocent drink or soda pop. RED BULL IS the energizer DRINK that is commercialized world-wide with its slogan: “It increases endurance, awakens the concentration capacity and the speed of reaction, offers more energy and improves the mood. All this can be found in a can of RED BULL, the power drink of the millennium.” RED BULL has managed to arrive in almost 100 countries worldwide. The RED BULL logo is targeted at young people and sportsmen, two attractive segments that have been captivated by the stimulus that the drink provides. It was created by Dietrich Mateschitz, an industrialist of Austrian origin who discovered the drink by chance. It happened during a business trip to Hong Kong , when he was working at a factory that manufactured toothbrushes. The liquid, based on a formula that contained caffeine and taurine, caused a rage in that country. Imagine the grand success of this drink in Europe where the product still did not exist, besides it was a superb opportunity to become an entrepreneur.


FRANCE and DENMARK have just prohibited it as a cocktail of death, due to its vitamin components mixed with GLUCURONOLACTONE ‘ – a highly-dangerous chemical, which was developed by the United States Department of Defense during the sixties to stimulate the moral of the troops based in VIETNAM, which acted like a hallucinogenic drug that calmed the stress of the war. But their effects in the organism were so devastating, that it was discontinued, because of the high index of cases of migraines, cerebral tumors and diseases of the liver that was evident in the soldiers who consumed it. And in spite of it, in the can of RED BULL you can still find as one of its components: GLUCURONOLACTONE, categorized medically as a stimulant. But what it does not say on the can of RED BULL are the consequences of its consumption, and that has forced a series of

1. It is dangerous to take it if you do not engage in physical exercise afterwards, since its energizing function accelerates the heart rate and can cause a sudden attack.

2. You run the risk of undergoing a cerebral hemorrhage, because RED BULL contains components that dilute the blood so that the heart utilizes less energy to pump the blood, and thus be able to deliver physical force with less effort being exerted.

3. It is prohibited to mix RED BULL with alcohol, because the mixture turns the drink into a ” Deadly Bomb ” that attacks the liver directly, causing the affected area never to regenerate anymore.

4. One of the main components of RED BULL is the B12 vitamin, used in medicine to recover patients who are in a coma ; from here the hypertension and the state of excitement which is experienced after taking it, as if you were in a drunken state.

5. The regular consumption of RED BULL triggers off symptoms in the form of a series of irreversible nervous and neuronal disease.

Other sources;

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Out to Lunch... back once I get my thoughts together for the next the meantime...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

pointless, but not really...

Just wanted to say thanks to all of the readers of this blog worldwide, it's rewarding to know that one's efforts aren't in vain...even those who get here just surfing by accident, & bothered to read, listen to, or watch anything here, I appreciate the time & thought you gave...because if you're giving any attention to anything I choose to share here, you're thinking...& if Thought ain't a Universal Language, I don't know what is...That's all...


Allah Universal

Sunday, September 6, 2009

10*, 1-36 (Nothing Tame about Aspartame)

In case you didn't know...

Healthy sugar replacements:
Organic raw sugar, organic maple syrup, honey and Stevia, the low calorie, all natural sweetener, used in Paraguay for centuries

Aspartame is a very sweet chemical, responsible for a host of health problems such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, brain diseases, migraines, ADHD, etc.

Aspartame breaks down into three components:

1. Methanol.
This is poisonous alcohol. In the body, methanol breaks down into formaldehyde, which is a poison.

2. Phenylalanine.
This decreases the amount serotonin in your brain, which leads to mood swings (depressions) and an increased appetite! This is why aspartame is one of the main causes for the current obesity epidemic.

3. Aspartic acid.
This is a neurological toxin comparable to MSG.

The US Department of Health has recorded 92 symptoms following complaints about aspartame. In fact, over 80% of all complaints filed with FDA are related to aspartame consumption!

Some of the brand names for aspartame:
NutraSweet, Equal, NatraTaste, Canderel, Spoonful, Equal-Measure, etc.

Aspartame is used in any of the following products:
Sugarfree, Light, Diet, Zero (Coke, Sprite & Fanta), Coke 007, Pepsi Max, Crystal Clear, Low-Calorie, Crystal Light, No Sugar Added, Sportlife, Stimorol Ice, Stimorol Fusion, Freedent, Mentos, Smint, etc.

Other artificial sweeteners that you should avoid:
Acesulfame K (E950), Cyclamate (E952), Isomalt (E953), Saccharin (E954), Sucralose or Splenda (E955), Alitame (E956), Neohesperidine (E959), Neotame (E961), Salt of Aspartame-Acesulfame (E962), Maltitol (E965), Lactitol (E966), Sorbitol (E420), Mannitol (E421), Glycerol (E422).

Do no longer believe the lies of the food industry and the 'main stream' media. Contrary to what so-called 'health experts' claim, aspartame is NOT safe!

In fact, aspartame is a very sweet poison developed to make people sick so the pharmaceutical industry can sell expensive medication to 'treat' the chronic diseases that are caused by it's use.

Avoid this toxic chemical for 60 days and discover how your health will improve dramatically!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Big Update on Dr. Jewel Pookrum!!!

Good News for all who have been seeking Dr. Jewel Pookrum! I was forwarded a link to the service where her current page is being hosted...The link is: WWW.DOCTORJEWEL.COM

From the page:
Big Update on Dr. Jewel Pookrum!!!
Many of you have been asking about lectures with "Dr. Jewel Pookrum" while Dr. Pookrum has been quiet for some years now to give herself to deeper studies, she is now ready to reveal her "New Findings" on"Immortality". You will be utterly amazed and absolutely motivated to learn how to "Increase Your Mental Potential" and enter the next phase of your life. Dr. Pookrum wants first to offer (all of you) access to this information. It is her desire that each and every one of us reaches our full potential. What’s more, instead of the traditional way of operating her services, realistically understanding that it would be next to impossible to see each and every one of you in person, Dr. Pookrum has set up a Tele-chat service. This Tele-chat Service will allow FB Friends to become "Chat Members" which will enable you to attend "online lectures with Dr. Pookrum" 2x per week with (1) topic each week. Members are also able to chat directly with Dr. Pookrum. In addition, each member will have access to Dr. Pookrum's personal email for prompt confidentiality purposes. So, should you have any questions for Dr. Pookrum they will be listed as priority and answered in the order received. We structured this opportunity considering your individual situations. Therefore, the cost for Dr. Pookrum's services is: (Members only) 29.99 per. month or 49.99 per. month for couples (8 chats - 2 per week). (Face Book Friends) 11.99 per week for (2) chats.

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3*, 1-40...The Shortest Distance between 2 Points...

As life change YOU change. If you don't change you're going to die. Change is with the YOUNG people. If you stay around young people you'll stay young...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

2*, 1-40 - What's your Circumstance on Planet Earth?

Cause and effect is as absolute and undeviating in the hidden realm of thought as in the world of visible and material things. Mind is the master weaver, both of the interior garment of character and the outer garment of circumstance.

James Allen, author of As a Man Thinketh (click here for PDF)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

1*, 1-40 (Who made...?)

No Man has the Chance to enjoy Permanent Success until He Begins to look in a Mirror for the REAL cause of ALL His Mistakes...

- -Napoleon Hill
"The Law of Success in 16 Lessons", 1928

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Forgotten TechKnowledgy...

Talking to God...

I met god the other day.

I know what youre thinking. How the hell did you know it was god?

Well, Ill explain as we go along, but basically he convinced me by having all, and I do mean ALL, the answers. Every question I flung at him he batted back with a plausible and satisfactory answer. In the end, it was easier to accept that he was god than otherwise.

Which is odd, because Im still an atheist and we even agree on that!

It all started on the 8.20 back from Paddington. Got myself a nice window seat, no screaming brats or drunken hooligans within earshot. Not even a mobile phone in sight. Sat down, reading the paper and in he walks.

What did he look like?

Well not what you might have expected thats for sure. He was about 30, wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Definitely casual. Looked like he could have been a social worker or perhaps a programmer like myself.

Anyone sitting here? he said.

Help yourself I replied.

Sits down, relaxes, I ignore and back to the correspondence on genetic foods entering the food chain

Train pulls out and a few minutes later he speaks.

Can I ask you a question?

Fighting to restrain my left eyebrow I replied Yes in a tone which was intended to convey that I might not mind one question, and possibly a supplementary, but I really wasnt in the mood for a conversation. ..

Why dont you believe in god?

The Bastard!

I love this kind of conversation and can rabbit on for hours about the nonsense of theist beliefs. But I have to be in the mood! Its like when a Jehovah’s witness knocks on your door 20 minutes before youre due to have a wisdom tooth pulled. Much as you'd really love to stay You cant even begin the fun. And I knew, if I gave my standard reply wed still be arguing when we got to Cardiff. I just wasnt in the mood. I needed to fend him off.

But then I thought Odd! How is this perfect stranger so obviously confident and correct about my atheism? If Id been driving my car, it wouldnt have been such a mystery. Ive got the Darwin fish on the back of mine the antidote to that twee christian fish you see all over. So anyone spotting that and understanding it would have been in a position to guess my beliefs. But I was on a train and not even wearing my Darwin "Evolve" t-shirt that day. And The Independent isnt a registered flag for card carrying atheists, so what, I wondered, had given the game away.

What makes you so certain that I dont?

Because, he said, I am god and you are not afraid of me

Youll have to take my word for it of course, but there are ways you can deliver a line like that most of which would render the speaker a candidate for an institution, or at least Prozac. Some of which could be construed as mildly amusing.

Conveying it as "indifferent fact" is a difficult task but thats exactly how it came across. Nothing in his tone or attitude struck me as even mildly out of place with that statement. He said it because he believed it and his rationality did not appear to be drug induced or the result of a mental breakdown.

And why should I believe that?

Well he said, why dont you ask me a few questions. Anything you like, and see if the answers satisfy your skeptical mind?

This is going to be a short conversation after all, I thought.

Who am I?

Stottle. Harry Stottle, born August 10 1947, Bristol, England. Father Paul, Mother Mary. Educated Duke of York’s Royal Military School 1960 67, Sandhurst and Oxford, PhD in Exobiology, failed rock singer, full time trade union activist for 10 years, latterly self employed computer programmer, web author and aspiring philosopher. Married to Michelle, American citizen, two children by a previous marriage. Youre returning home after what seems to have been a successful meeting with an investor interested in your proposed product tracking anti-forgery software and protocol and you ate a full English breakfast at the hotel this morning except that, as usual, you asked them to hold the revolting English sausages and give you some extra bacon.

He paused

Youre not convinced. Hmmm what would it take to convince you?

'oh right! Your most secret password and its association'

A serious hacker might be able to obtain the password, but no one else and I mean


knows its association.

He did.

So how would you have played it?

I threw a few more questions about relatively insignificant but unpublicized details of my life (like what my mother claims was the first word I ever spoke apparently "armadillo"! (Don't ask)) but I was already pretty convinced. I knew there were only three possible explanations at this point.

Possibility One was that I was dreaming or hallucinating. Nobodys figured out a test for that so, at the time I think that was my dominant feeling. It did not feel real at the time. More like I was in a play. Acting my lines. Since the event, however, continuing detailed memories of it, together with my contemporaneous notes, remain available, so unless the hallucination has continued to this day, I am now inclined to reject the hallucination hypothesis. Which leaves two others.

He could have been a true telepath. No documented evidence exists of anyone ever having such profound abilities to date but it was a possibility. It would have explained how he could know my best-kept secrets. The problem with that is that it doesnt explain anything else! In particular it doesnt account for the answers he proceeded to give to my later questions.

As Sherlock Holmes says, when youve eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

Good empiricist, Sherlock.

I was forced to accept at least the possibility that this man was who he claimed to be.

So now what do you do?

Well, Ive always known that if I met god I would have a million questions for him, so I thought, why not? and proceeded with what follows. Youll have to allow a bit of license in the detail of the conversation. This was, shall we say, a somewhat unusual occurrence, not to mention just a BIT weird! And yes I was a leetle bit nervous! So if I dont get it word perfect dont whinge! Youll get the gist I promise.


Forgive me if it takes me a little time to get up to speed here, but its not everyday I get to question a deity

The Deity he interrupted.

ooh. Touchy! I thought.

Not really just correcting the image

Now That takes some getting used to!

I tried to get a grip on my thoughts, with an internal command - Discipline Harry. Youve always wanted to be in a situation like this, now youre actually in it, you mustnt go to pieces and waste the opportunity of a lifetime

You wont he said.

Tell you! Thats the bit that made it feel unreal more than anything else - this guy sitting across the table and very obviously accurately reading my every thought. Its like finding someone else hand inside your trouser pocket!

Nevertheless, something made me inclined to accept the invasion, I had obviously begun to have some confidence in his perception or abilities, so I distinctly remember the effect of his words was that I suddenly felt deeply reassured and completely relaxed. As he had no doubt intended. Man must have an amazing seduction technique!

So then we got down to business

Are you human?


Were you, ever?

No, but similar, Yes

Ah, so you are a product of evolution?

Most certainly mainly my own

and you evolved from a species like ours, DNA based organisms or something equally viable?


so what, exactly, makes you god?

I did


Seemed like a good idea at the time

and your present powers, are they in any way similar to what the superstitious believers in my species attribute to you?

Close enough.

So you created all this, just for us?

No. Of course not

But you did create the Universe?

This One. Yes

But not your own?

This is my own!

You know what I mean!

You cant create your own parents, so No

So let me get this straight. You are an entirely natural phenomenon.


Arising from mechanisms which we ourselves will one day understand and possibly even master?

subject to a quibble over who "we ourselves" may be, but yes

meaning that if the human race doesnt come up to the mark, other species eventually will?

in one.

and how many other species are there already out there ahead of us?

surprisingly few. Less than fourteen million



And how many at or about our level?

currently a little over 4 ½ billion

so our significance in the universe at present is roughly equivalent to the significance of the average Joe here on planet Earth in his relation to the human race?

a little less. Level One, the level your species has reached, begins with the invention of the flying machine. I define the next level in terms your Sci Fi Author Isaac Asimov has already grasped. It is reached when you achieve control of your own primary the Sun. What Asimov calls a Type I technology. Humanity is only just into the flying machine phase, so as you can imagine, on that scale, the human race is somewhat near the bottom of the level one pack

and all these species are your children?

I like to think of them that way

and the point?

at its simplest, "Life Must Go On". My personal motivation is the desire for conversation. Once youve achieved my level, you cease to be billions of separate entities and become one ecstatic whole. A single entity that cannot die, however advanced, or perhaps, more accurately, because it is so advanced, will get lonely and even a trifle bored! I seem to be the first. I do not intend to be the last

so you created a Universe which is potentially capable of producing another god like yourself?

The full benefit will be temporary, but like most orgasms, worth it.

this being the moment when our new god merges with you and we become one again?

dont play it down, thats the ecstatic vision driving us all, me included and when it happens the ecstasy lasts several times longer than this universe has already existed. Believe me, it really is worth the effort.

Yes, I think I can see the attractions of a hundred billion year long orgasm

and humans havent even begun to know how to really enjoy the orgasms they are already capable of. Wait till you master that simple art!

So its all about sex is it?

Ecstasy is merely a reward for procreating, it is what makes you want to do it. This is necessary, initially, to promote biological evolution. However once youve completed that stage and no longer require procreation, you will learn that ecstasy can be infinitely more intense than anything offered by sex

Sounds good to me!'

'How direct is your involvement in all this? Did you just light the fuse which set off the big bang and stand back and watch? Or did you have to plant the seeds on appropriately fertile planets?

The seeds evolved in deep space, purely as a result of the operations of the laws of physics and chemistry which your scientists have begun to attain a reasonable grasp of. Yes I triggered the bang and essentially became dormant for nearly 5 billion years. Thats how long it took the first lifeforms to emerge. That places them some 8 billion years ahead of you. The first intelligent species are now 4.3 billion years ahead of you. Really quite advanced. I can have deeply meaningful conversations with them. And usually do. In fact I am as we speak

So then what?

Do I keep a constant vigil over every move you make? Not in the kind of prying intrusive sense that some of you seem to think. Let's say I maintain an awareness of what's going on, at a planetary level. I tend only to focus on evolutionary leaps. See if theyre going in the right direction

And if theyre not?

Nothing. Usually


Usually species evolving in the wrong direction kill themselves off or become extinct for other reasons


There have been one or two cases where a wrong species has had the potential of becoming dominant at the expense of a more promising strain

Let me guess. Dinosaurs on this planet are an example. Too successful. Suppressed the development of mammals and were showing no signs of developing intelligence. So you engineered a little corrective action in the form of a suitably selected asteroid

Perceptive. Almost correct. They were showing signs of developing intelligence, even co-operation. Study your velociraptors. But far too predatory. Incapable of ever developing a "respect" for other life forms. It takes carrying your young to promote the development of emotional attachment to other animals. Earth reptiles arent built for that. The mammals who are, as you rightly say, couldnt get a foothold against such mighty predators. Youve now reached the stage where you could hold your own even against dinosaurs, but thats only been true for about a thousand years, you wouldnt have stood a chance 2 million years ago, so the dinosaurs had to go. They were, however, far too well balanced with the ecology of the planet, and never developed technology, so they werent going to kill themselves off in a hurry. Regrettably, I had to intervene.


They were a beautiful and stunningly successful life form. One doesnt destroy such things without a qualm.

But at that stage how could you know that a better prospect would arise from the ashes?

I didnt. But the probability was quite high.

and since then, what other little tweaks have you been responsible for in our development?

None whatsoever. I set an alarm for the first sign of aerial activity, as I usually do. Leonardo looked promising for a while, but not until the Montgolfier brothers did I really begin to take an interest. That registered you as a level one intelligent species

So Jesus of Nazareth, Moses, Mohammed…’

hmmm sadly misguided Im afraid. Anyone capable of communicating with their own cells will dimly perceive me and all other life as being connected in a strictly quantum sense, but interpreting that vision as representing something supernatural and requiring obeisance is somewhat wide of the mark. And their followers are all a bit too obsessive and religious for my liking. Its no fun being worshipped once you stop being an adolescent teenager. Having said that, it's not at all unusual for developing species to go through that phase. Until they begin to grasp how much they too can shape their small corner of the universe, they are in understandable awe of an individual dimly but correctly perceived to be responsible for the creation of the whole of that universe. Eventually, if they are to have any hope of attaining level two, they must grow out of it and begin to accept their own power and potential. Its very akin to a childs relationship with its parents. The awe and worship must disappear before the child can become an adult. Respect is not so bad as long as its not overdone. And I certainly respect all those species who make it that far. Its a hard slog. I know. I've been there.

Youve been watching us since the Montgolfiers, when was that? 1650s?

Close. 1783

Well, if youve been watching us closely since then, what your average citizen is going to want to know is why you havent intervened more often. Why, if you have that sort of power, did you allow such incredible suffering and human misery?

It seems to be necessary.


Without exception, intelligent species who gain dominance over their planet do so by becoming the most efficient predators. There are many intelligent species who do not evolve to dominate their planet. Like your dolphins, they adapt perfectly to the environment rather than take your course, which is to manipulate the environment. Unfortunately for the dolphin, his is a dead end. He may outlive the human race but will never escape the bounds of planet earth - not without your help at any rate. Only those who can manipulate the world they live in can one day hope to leave it and spread their seed throughout the universe.

Unlike the adaptors, who learn the point of cooperation fairly early on, manipulators battle on. And, once all lesser species have been overcome, they are so competitive and predatory that they are compelled to turn in on themselves. This nearly always evolves into tribal competition in one form or another and becomes more and more destructive - exactly like your own history. However this competition is vital to promote the leap from biological to technological evolution.

You need an arms race in order to make progress.

Your desire to dominate fuels a search for knowledge which the adaptors never require. And although your initial desire for knowledge is selfish and destructive, it begins the development of an intellectual self awareness, a form of higher consciousness, which never emerges in any other species. Not even while they are experiencing it, for example, can the intelligent adaptors - your dolphins - express the concepts of Love or Time.

Militarization and the development of weapons of mass destruction are your first serious test at level one. You're still not through that phase, though the signs are promising. There is no point whatsoever in my intervening to prevent your self-destruction. Your ability to survive these urges is a crucial test of your fitness to survive later stages. So I would not, never have and never will intervene to prevent a species from destroying itself. Most, in fact, do just that.

And what of pity for those have to live through this torment?

I cant say this in any way that doesnt sound callous, but how much time do you spend worrying about the ants you run over in your car? I know it sounds horrendous to you, but you have to see the bigger picture. At this stage in human development, youre becoming interesting but not yet important.

'ah but I can't have an intelligent conversation with an ant'


hmm as you know, humans wont like even to attempt to grasp that perspective. How can you make it more palatable?

Why should I? You dont appear to have any trouble grasping it. Youre by no means unique. And in any case, once they begin to understand what's in it for them, theyll be somewhat less inclined to moan. Eternal life compensates for most things.

So what are we supposed to do in order to qualify for membership of the universal intelligentsia?

Evolve. Survive

Yes, but how?

Oh, I thought you might have got the point by now. "How" is entirely up to you. If I have to help, then youre a failure. All I will say is this. Youve already passed a major hurdle in learning to live with nuclear weapons. Its depressing how many fail at that stage.

Is there worse to come?


Genetic warfare for instance?

Distinct Possibility

and the problem is that we need to develop all these technologies, acquire all this dangerous knowledge in order to reach level two. But at any stage that knowledge could also cause our own destruction

If you think the dangers of genetic warfare are serious, imagine discovering a secret thought or program, accessible to any intelligent individual, which, if abused, will eliminate your species instantly. If your progress continues as is, then you can expect to discover that particular self-destruct mechanism in less than a thousand years. Your species has got to grow up considerably before you can afford to make that discovery. And if you dont make it, you will never leave your Solar System and join the rest of the sapient species on level two.

14 Million of them

Just under

'Will there be room for us?'

'its a big place'

and, for now, how should we mere mortals regard you then?

like an older brother or sister. Of course I know more than you do. Of course Im more powerful than you. Ive been alive longer. But Im not "better" than you. Just more developed. Just what you might become

so were not obliged to "please" you or follow your alleged guidelines or anything like that?

absolutely not. Never issued a single guideline in the lifetime of this Universe. Have to find your own way out of the maze. And one early improvement is to stop expecting me - or anyone else - to come and help you out.'

'I suppose that is a guideline of sorts, so there goes the habit of a lifetime! '

'Seriously though, species who hold on to religion past its sell-by date tend to be most likely to self destruct. They spend so much energy arguing about my true nature, and invest so much emotion in their wildly erroneous imagery that they end up killing each other over differences in definitions of something they clearly havent got a clue about. Ludicrous behavior, but it does weed out the weaklings.

Why me? Why pick on an atheist of all people? Why are you telling me all this? And why Now?

Why You? Because you can accept my existence without your ego caving in and groveling like a naughty child. '

'Can you seriously imagine how the Pope would react to the reality of my existence?! If he really understood how badly wrong he and his church have been, how much of the pain and suffering you mentioned earlier has been caused by his religion, I suspect he'd have an instant coronary! Or can you picture what it would be like if I appeared "live" simultaneously on half a dozen tele-evangelist propaganda shows. Pat Robertson would wet himself if he actually understood who he was talking to.

Conversely, your interest is purely academic. You've never swallowed the fairy tale but you've remained open to the possibility of a more advanced life form which could acquire godlike powers. Youve correctly guessed that godhood is the destiny of life. You have shown you can and do cope with the concept. It seemed reasonable to confirm your suspicions and let you do what you will with that information.

You can and will publish this conversation on the web, where it will sow an important seed. Might take a couple of hundred years to germinate, but, eventually, it will germinate.

Why Now? Well partly because both you and the web are ready now. But chiefly because the human race is reaching a critical phase. It goes back to what we were saying about the dangers of knowledge. Essentially your species is becoming aware of that danger. When that happens to any sapient species, the future can take three courses.

Many are tempted to avoid the danger by avoiding the knowledge. Like the adaptors, they are doomed to extinction. Often pleasantly enough in the confines of their own planet until either their will to live expires or their primary turns red giant and snuffs them out.

A large number go on blindly acquiring the knowledge and don't learn to restrain their abuse. Their fate is sealed somewhat more quickly of course, when Pandoras box blows up in their faces.

The only ones who reach level two are those who learn to accept and to live with their most dangerous knowledge. Each and every individual in such a species must eventually become capable of destroying their entire species at any time. Yet they must learn to control themselves to the degree that they can survive even such deadly insight. And frankly, theyre the only ones we really want to see leaving their solar systems. Species that havent achieved that maturity could not be allowed to infect the rest of the universe, but fortunately that has never required my intervention. The knowledge always does the trick

'Why can't there be a fourth option - selective research where we avoid investigating dangerous pathways?'

'As you can see from your own limited history, the most useful ideas are also, nearly always, the most dangerous. You have yet, for instance, to conquer fusion power but you need to do so in order to achieve appropriate energy surpluses required to complete this phase of your social development. It will, when you've mastered it, eliminate material inequalities and poverty within a generation or two, an absolutely vital step for any maturing species. Yet the discovery of the principles which will soon yield this beneficial bounty could, had you abused them, have ended your attempt at civilization.

Similarly, you will shortly be able to conquer biological diseases and even engineer yourselves to be virtually fault free. Your biological life spans will double or triple within the next hundred years and your digital lifespans will become potentially infinite within the same period: If you survive the potential threat that the same technology provides in the form of genetic time bombs, custom built viruses and the other wonders of genetic and digital warfare.

You simply can't have the benefits without taking the risks'.

Im not sure I understand my part in this exercise. I just publish this conversation on the web and everything will be alright?

Not necessarily. Not that easy Im afraid. To start with, whos going to take this seriously? It will just be seen as a mildly amusing work of fiction. In fact, your words and indeed most of your work will not be understood or appreciated until some much more advanced scholars develop the ideas you are struggling to express and explain them somewhat more competently. At which point the ideas will be taken up en masse and searches will be undertaken of the archives. They will find this work and be struck by its prescience. You wont make the Einstein grade, but you might manage John the Baptist!

This piece will have no significance whatsoever if humanity doesnt make certain key advances in the next couple of centuries. And this wont help you make those advances. What it will do is help you recognize them

'can I ask what those advances may be?'

'I think you know. But yes - although you are at level one, there are several distinct phases which evolving species pass through on their way to level two. The first, as we've discussed, is the invention of the flying machine. The next significant phase is the development of the thinking machine.

At your present rate of progress, you are within a few decades of achieving that goal. It marks your first step on the path of technological evolution. Mapping the human genome is another classic landmark, but merely mapping it is a bit like viewing the compiled code in a dos executable. Its just meaningless gibberish, although with a bit of hacking here and there, you might correctly deduce the function of certain stretches of code.

What you really need to do is 'reverse engineer' the DNA code. You have to figure out the grammar and syntax of the language. Then you will begin the task of designing yourselves. But that task requires the thinking machine'

You say you avoid intervention. But doesnt this conversation itself constitute intervention even if people alive now completely ignore it?

Yes. But it's as far as Im prepared to go. Its only effect is to confirm, if you find it, that you are on the right path. It is still entirely up to you to navigate the dangers on that path and beyond.

'But why bother even with that much? Surely its just another evolutionary hurdle. We're either fit enough or not'

'In many ways the transition to an information species is the most traumatic stage in evolution. Biological intelligences have a deeply rooted sense of consciousness only being conceivable from within an organic brain. Coming to terms with the realization that you have created your successor, not just in the sense of mother and child, but in the collective sense of the species recognizing it has become redundant, this paradigm shift is, for many species, a shift too far. They baulk at the challenge and run from this new knowledge. They fail and become extinct. Yet there is nothing fundamentally wrong with them - it is a failure of the imagination.

I hope that if I can get across the concept that I am a product of just such evolution, it may give them the confidence to try. I have discussed this with the level two species and the consensus is that this tiny prod is capable of increasing the contenders for level two without letting through any damaging traits. It has been tried in 312 cases. The jury is still out on its real benefits although it has produced a 12% increase in biological species embracing the transition to information species.

Alright, so what if everyone suddenly took it seriously and believed every word I write? Wouldnt that constitute a somewhat more drastic intervention?

Trust me. They wont

'and so its still the case, that, should another asteroid happen to be heading our way, you will do nothing to impede it on our behalf?'

'I'm confident you will pass that test. And now my friend, the interview is over, you have asked me a number of the right questions, and Ive said what I came to say, so Ill be going now. It has been very nice to meet you - you're quite bright. For an ant! He twinkled.

Just one final, trivial question, why do you appear to me in the form of a thirty-something male?

have I in any way intimidated or threatened you?


Do you find me sexually attractive?

er No!

So figure it out for yourself…’


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Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything in Life

Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything in Life
written by the Almighty Nation of Gods & Earths