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Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'm on Crack/10 Habits of Millionaires

I've been cracked out for the past month or so, I don't need your help, I'm lovin' this habit...but if you feel the need to reach out anyway, I can be reached on my CrackBerry :)

Anyway, been busy lately, training for a promotion @ work, and my focus has been there...haven't had much of a creative spark for writing, been pouring the little I have for now into here's a quick snack for the mind...

10 Habits of Millionaires

As explained in the book The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko...(boring book, worth the read though)

1. Patience
Patience is one of the most important traits when it comes to saving money.This means waiting until the first wave of product hype has passed, keeping a car for an extra few years before getting another one and waiting until something you want fits into your budget instead of putting it on credit.Patience is often the difference between creating savings and being in debt. Having the patience to wait until you find a good deal is a cornerstone of good finances.

2. Satisfaction
When you're satisfied, there is no reason to spend money on nonessentials. The sole purpose of commercials is to make you believe that buying a product or service will make you happier, wealthier, better looking or improve whatever isn't bringing you satisfaction.People spend because they want to capture the excitement shown in advertisements. When you are satisfied with what you have and your life (not trying to live like those on TV), your finances will be in a lot better shape.

3. Organization
Being organized can make you more productive and ensure that all the many issues pertaining to personal finances are addressed.It means not paying late fees, not buying two of everything, knowing deadlines that can affect your finances and getting more done in less time. All these can greatly benefit your finances.

4. Discipline
You need the discipline to continue to save money for specific, long-term goals every month.Personal finance isn't a way to get rich quick, but is a disciplined execution of your lifetime plans.

5. Reflectiveness
It's important to be able to look at your financial decisions and reflect on their results.You're going to make financial mistakes. Everyone does.The key is to learn from those mistakes so you don't make them again, or recognize if you keep repeating them.

6. Creativity 
The economy and our earnings don't always match our expectations.Unexpected developments wreak havoc to elaborate financial plans. When this happens, changes are needed to deal with the new circumstances. Creativity is essential to accomplish this.Creativity allows you to make something last longer rather than purchasing it when you don't have the money. It means juggling money to stay out of debt rather than simply paying with a credit card. It means finding a cheaper alternative when money is tight.In these ways, creativity plays a large role in keeping finances in order.

7. Curiosity
Having curiosity helps you learn, study and improve yourself.The curiosity of wanting to know more, to take the time to study and then take what is learned and put into practice is an important process that is driven by curiosity.

8. Risk-Taking
To build wealth, one needs to be willing to take risks. This doesn't mean uncalculated risks. It means weighing all the options and taking calculated risks when appropriate.The stock market has risks involved, but over the long term, history shows that it provides good returns on money that is invested wisely. Those who fear risk altogether end up saving money in accounts that likely lose money to inflation in the long run.

9. Goal-Oriented
The importance of setting and working toward goals is obvious. If you don't know where you are going, it's difficult to get there. It helps your personal finances immensely if you have money goals and are motivated to reach the goals that you have set for yourself.Those who lack goals don't have a road map to take them to the financial destination they want.

10. Hard- and Smart-Working 
Creating wealth and staying out of debt rarely comes about without a lot of hard work.Many people might hope that the lottery will solve all their financial problems. The true path to financial freedom, however, is to work hard to earn money while educating yourself to continue to have more value and increase your salary.You may not possess all of the above traits. But knowing them can help you make changes so that you nourish the ones that you have and obtain the ones you're missing.Ultimately they will help you with your personal finances and create a plan to accumulate the wealth you desire.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The FIRE...Either you got it, or you don't...

A man lived in a small town. He played the violin. More than that, his passion was the violin. He played and practiced day and night. According to everyone in town who heard him play, he was a master - he was great!

One day, this man heard that a great virtuoso violinist would be giving a concert in the town’s concert hall. The man was excited. Not only would he get to see a living legend and one of his personal heroes play, but he would also take the opportunity to play for HIM after the concert. That way, he could get some valuable advice from the Master himself.

The concert came and the virtuoso performed. The music was spell-binding. The playing magnificent. Everyone who attended sat awestruck at the musical abilities of the Master.

After the concert, our young man went backstage, violin in hand. He approached the Master and said, “Maestro, would it be OK if I played for you so that you could let me know if I have what it takes to become a virtuoso such as you?”

The Master replied, “Please! I would love to hear you play.”

The young man tucked his violin underneath his chin and for five minutes he played with all of his heart and all of his soul. Those who heard this impromptu audition were amazed by the talent this young man possessed.

All the while the young man was playing, the Master merely sat with his eyes closed showing no signs of emotion.

When he was finished, our young man asked the Master, “Well? How was I?”

The Master replied, “You play excellently, but you haven’t got the fire.”

The young man nodded, said thank you, packed his violin in his case, and returned home. He proceeded to get for himself a respectable position in the local bank and worked his way to a position of responsibility. He married and had two children. He never played the violin again.

Ten years had passed since that fateful day and once again the Master returned to town to play a concert. Our young man went to see him and was once again rapt with awe at the Master’s playing. After the concert, the young man once again went backstage and approached the Master.

“Sir,” said our young man, “I played for you many years ago right here. Thank you for telling me I hadn’t the fire or I would have foolishly continued to dream about being a virtuoso rather than working on the life I now have. I owe you a lot.”

“Ah, yes,” replied the Master. “I remember you well. If you had continued, you could very well have been a virtuoso. You were an excellent player.”

The young man became angry at this point. He raised his voice and yelled at the Master, “WHAT! YOU told me that I didn’t have the FIRE! Because of that I quit! YOU heard me play. Why didn’t you tell me that I could have become a virtuoso? Why did you tell me that I didn’t have the fire?”

Calmly, the Master replied, “My dear boy, I tell every one who auditions for me that they don’t have the fire. If they truly do have the fire, then they disregard what I say and continue to play; if they don’t, then they quit and never play again.”

The young man was humbled and said nothing.

“You see,” continued the Master, “I was right. You didn’t have the fire. If you did and playing the violin was your passion and your love, then no matter what I had said or what anybody had said would have deterred you from playing.”

The Moral of the Story is...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sunday, November 9, 2008

"America's New Beginning..." - The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

Peace...I knew he would be speaking soon...Over an hour & a half long, I'm still doing the Knowledge...

America's New Beginning; President-Elect Barack Obama
Address by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan
Nov. 09, 2008

Streaming live video by Ustream

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Right & Exact...

Music is what feelings sound like...

~ Author Unknown



I'm not my usual self today, there's no happy-go-lucky in my system, & I've lost my Equilibrium for now...Found myself pissed off @ myself, hot as a desert (6*, Act. Facts) because of a goal that I set today that didn't get accomplished (40*, 1-40)...I didn't make my mind up quick enough, and lost an opportunity (11*, 1-14)...This was after swearing to myself never to let opportunities pass me by again, not even 3 weeks ago. I got nothing out of the situation (6*, 1-36), and feel kinda stupid, because I know better (19*, 1-40 + accompanying bible verses)...

Fuck it, it's done...(3*, 1-14)

I have to go amongst the masses today, and the weight of the planet will be on my shoulders like every other day (6*, 1-40)...I Know I'll be in "quiet" mode today (Knowledge), and plenty of people are gonna ask "what's wrong"...I'll say nothing, because I'll be too busy watching myself to hold that convo (6*,1-14)...I'll be spending the day pulling pins (28*, 1-40) to find out exactly how I let myself get blinded, like a dumb ass deer caught in the headlights...Got some devils to take into Hell (39, 1-40), then maybe I'll be better tomorrow...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008



Powerful thought waves are moving through the world on this day, @ the moment of this writing...America has shown a new face to the world as her next Commander in Chief...A face well liked, even loved by the world...I really don't feel much different about it today than I did yesterday...If you've been watching the people in the time leading up to the election, then you knew what the result would be, and you're not surprised, whether you voted for him or not...I was more happy that people were happy, than happy that Obama won...Now, if only we could get people to be this radiant EVERY day...

There was a noticeable difference in people's moods around me at about 9p CST, the feeling that they have when their team wins, but a lot stronger...didn't even have to watch the news to know what I already knew would happen, that 11-04-2008, would be come a new "Independence Day"...America "the New World of Columbus", had 07-04-1776, The Nation of Islam has 07-04-1930. 11-04-2008 will be a New World "Declaration of Independence" per the said (read: electoral) votes of the American people...The people have symbolically broken away from the leadership or lack thereof of the current politicians & policies, and have elected Obama as the man to re-present them to the world, because it's needed. Ironically the word "independence", is an oxymoron within itself, in-dependence = in dependence of something other than one's own self...America NEEDS someone other than other than herself to represent her to the world, and his election is/was orchestrated by divine forces (Universal Law) to ensure that it happens (dissatisfaction brings change), and so the fact remains...

Barack Obama won the election, but what was he elected into? The Presidency of the Corporation of the UNITED STATES... Then what happened?, is what concerns me. I say none of this sarcastically...The election was the START of something, not the end of a campaign...By the way, find out what it means when the UNITED STATES is spelled in all CAPS like that...also the name in ALL CAPS on your "social" security card)...

My questions to him...

1) I NEED to know if he REALLY knows what he's up against, if he has the intention to DO what he's been telling people that he will...

2) Is he determined to REALLY get in there & BE the real fuckn example of leadership that he has shown himself to many to be, or will he be just a face/figure-head for America?

Nothing personal, I just don't know him personally, so I don't want to misjudge him...I'll wait to see WHAT he will do in the position, & HOW he does under the pressures of said position... (30*, 1-40)...the campaign ALONE has given the man gray hair (i know I ain't the only one who knowledged that)...Having said that, I think he knows...

For the record, this campaign was never between Democrat and Republican, and it's been a long time (if there ever was) since that real life opposition actually existed between those two...No, this, was a battle of ideals...

Progression of Change and Refinement, or Regression into the same old Power Struggles...

If President Elect B. Obama's sincere in his ideas, and his word is bond to the greatest of his ability, than the Man is Truly Righteous, and has my full Respect. I hope he knows though, that the Universe WILL test the shit out of him, plain & simple...His Righteousness will be his only REAL Power, just like any other teacher of Freedom Justice and Equality...

5*, 1-14 fills in this space...

The proper use of his Powers, along with his Ethics/Refinement, allowed a Foundation of (social) Equality to be laid, enough for him to be elected the 1st Black President of the United States...Let's see what his Math is like AFTER he lets that settle in for a while...Peace to Barack Obama and Joe Biden on this Victory, & in the battles ahead of them...


Allah Universal

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Random Quote...

A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence.

~Leopold Stokowski

Monday, November 3, 2008

Random Quote...

Intelligent people understand there's always more to learn and smart people understand there's nothing left to learn...Anon

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Who makes the Holy Koran & Bible?


Regardless to who wins the presidential race, We will still be who we are. Things may change around Us for the better or for the worst, but it's still up to We the People to make the best of Our lives...It's time for me to be observant, because the fate of this country is now (ideally) in the hands of the People, and America is starting to show her true colors...I'm holding on to a few theories, and will refrain from commenting further on the upcoming elections, until a winner is declared...Peace to all who have their feet on American soil, and those that represent it across the world...

Allah Universal

Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything in Life

Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything in Life
written by the Almighty Nation of Gods & Earths