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Thursday, July 1, 2010

God Is Not A Super Hero (by DaGod Emblem)

God Is Not A Super Hero!

If there was a mystery God you'd just be a man and with the understanding that there is no mystery God-you're still just a man. Those who deal with the knowledge that the black man is 'God' sometimes co-op the modus operandi of the Mystery God almost in a comic book fashion.

High on the mountain top,the lightening bolt struck him out of the inky black, star lit night sky and an electric blue force field encompassed his muscle bound body. The 'A' on his red super hero uniform stood for 'Asiatic'. He was from the Asiatic Federation Of Gods and Earths, equiped with his super alphabet, super math and the utility belt of 120, he swore to protect, and teach the ignorant and slay evil with his mighty sword. His wise Enlightener with the long white beard said, "You shall be called 'Emblem Of Justice'" The engraved case was opened and there lay his glowing, flawless sword.

"Go out my Son and slay evil!" Emblem ran to the edge of the mountain to fly away, but he didn't fly, instead he plunged quickly to the rocks below. His last words were "Oh shit!" Splat!

"You should have taken the stairs dumb ass!" His Enlightener's voice echoed.

I used my name 'Emblem' in the above skit to illustrate I'm no better than you, I've went through my delusional period of knowledge of self. Yes, a delusional period! Many make the mistake of co-opting the identity of the mystery God that does not exist, and putting on the personified cloak and super hero costume of that so called mystery God. When the identity of the mystery God is co-opted a comic book like alter ego emerges and the delusional aspect of self begins. One day I sat back blazing on my powerful green medicine and it hit me. "Nigga please! You a movafuckin' man!" If man is God-God is Man, meaning you a movafuckin' man nigga. 'God' becomes a psychological defense mechanism, your cape, the 'G' on your chest, something that tells you to believe in yourself. God becomes your mask in the psychological mirror of the Self. It's therapeutic for the historically defeated black male ego. Being God becomes the new drug of choice. Calling on 'Jesus' never done a nigga much good. Many black men have been hung from trees in the south screaming Jesus' name in their last moments and Jesus ain't stop the lynch mob, and calling yourself God doesn't make you exactly bulletproof either. I've seen a God with the name of a 'Warrior' walk around with a black eye for months afraid to fight back against the 85er who blacked his eye, so he hid behind all of his grand warrior titles. That is delusional. Maybe a need to feel special when the world tells you everyday that you're not 'special'. Maybe hearing a beautiful black woman say in a sexy voice "Peace God!" is just what we need to comfort our fragile egos. Yes the universe is a lonely place, infinite unknowns surround us daily and the environment is cruel, hostile and unforgiving-'God' is a security blanket: mystery or otherwise. Maybe we need that 'G' on our chest. Being God is no big deal to Emblem-to me it means that I'm just a man(who is the original 'man'?), I'm not bullet proof, my hands ain't quicker than Mayweather's hands; Andersen Silva would fuck me up in a cage match; and if a hollow point catches my dome it's a wrap for DaGod Em. I don't shield my dirty religion in the name of Allah, but instead I embrace my vulnerabilities as a man. Yes the black man is God, b.u.t. The black man is also a 'black MAN'.


Almighty Supreme Born Terrific Fantastic Understanding Electrically Magnetic, Greatest Asiatic Pen, Amazing Mathematical Grace, Blazing Hot SUN EMBLEM ALLAH

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Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything in Life

Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything in Life
written by the Almighty Nation of Gods & Earths