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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Repost/Renewing History...

"Anyone who is forced from his own course, either through not understanding himself, or through external imposition, comes into conflict with the Universe, and suffers accordingly."

Aleister Crowley

Crowley was DEFINTELY under the study...I repost this from time to time, not because of the source, but from the Truth that the above hold's within it...20°, 1-40...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A problem is only a solution destined to happen...

Nothing in your world is real. Nothing you see is real. It is an illusion created
for your benefit so that you may experience your thoughts and state of being first
hand and purify them; make them better (that is why suffering is said to be an
indicator of wrong thought). Being - ness, thoughts, words, and actions create it.

Change how you feel and you change your mind.
Change your mind and you change your self.
Change your self and you change your world.

Here is a shortcut to solving problems, including financial ones. Whenever
you are faced with a confusing, unclear or problematic situation, look at it and
say 'I am that'. And truly accept it, for you caused it and separation is an illusion.
Then, ask yourself, 'why am I that?' All confusion and fear will disappear and
solutions will automatically start to appear in the face of your 'I am that'
awareness. This applies to any situation, actually, not just to a problem.

Have you noticed how life works like a large complicated mirror? What you
do to others, you do to yourself. If you wish to be happy, make others happy. If
you wish to be free, make others free. Use this principle in your business and you
will be able to choose what you get back.

Be aware of your thoughts and their
probable effects. Is a particular thought likely to lead to wealth or poverty? There
are no such things as idle thought, word, action, or state of being.

Do not feel guilty. Forgive yourself for past 'failures' and choose to act
correctly next time. But avoid guilt, as it is one of the biggest destroyers of focus
and confidence. Do not dwell on the past. Forgive others also. You are not doing
them a favor when you forgive them – you are doing yourself the favor. They will
still have their cause and effect (karmic) debt for all their actions, whether you
forgive them or not. But when you forgive them, you release yourself from a
negative karmic cycle and release your energy for other positive things as well.

What is found in the effect is already in the cause. Try to understand this
intimately. Then live deliberately.

Face all difficulties calmly and without worry. Even before
they occurred, they had been solved. Even before you ask, it has been given to you. Simply receive.

All of this is much easier done than said. It takes practice to make it second nature,
then you come to realize that it was your true nature all along.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Universal Facts

I remember one night outside star gazing, goin' over the Born degree 1-14 in my third in '03...One line stood out, "The Universe is Everything, Sun, Moon, and Stars"...within about 1 second, I had 2 "new" thoughts (new to me anyway)...

One of them was from the punctuation, where the commas were in my memory...what I drew from that sentence structure was there's four components listed that compose the Universe, EVERYTHING, and then Planets named in 3 forms of physical bodies in the universe...It wasn't saying that the Sun Moon & Stars are Everything, Everything INCLUDES the Sun Moon & Star, but that's not all there is...I nowAdays see Everything as a reference to dark energy & dark matter which is older than the Sun, Moon, & Stars, that colored scientists had (& still have) a hard time understanding...they need a haldron collider, all We need is Our Minds...BUT...I digress...2 born degrees cross referenced...

That got me to ask, where else is the word Everything used in 120? 4 other places...First 2, the Culture Degree & the Build Degree, 1-14...We took EVERYTHING except the language from him, which was his association with the Living dark energy & matter (Allah), run from amongst Us because his filthy ass can't understand that Equality means to be equal in/with EVERYTHING...Later on, We permit him to wear our Sun, Moon, & Star, and the sword which separates him from EVERYTHING (our Own Selves) else! What We look like giving him something valuable? We made the Bible & Qur'an and gave him that, & look what he did with it? Power to Rule the Earth, then what happened? BUT...I digress...

2 other places, that takes Us to the Knowledge, & Knowledge Build degrees of the 1-40. I looked at the punctuation of the former as I had it on cap, "The Nation of Islam does EVERYTHING, Right & Exact", as in hell yeah, Original People do EVERYTHING you can think of! One comma can change a degree...I looked around, and saw Original People doing some of EVERYTHING, some Right & Exact, some dead wrong, but EVERYTHING nonetheless...Don't deny your Roots...Accept your Own, & Be Ur Self, Love your People regardless of the Life they choose...Moving forward...

...the latter degree...the Science of EVERYTHING in Life...Well, Our Lessons are tools to get to the root of just that. The Science of Everything in life starts with the Knowledge of Self which IS Love Peace & Happiness...

The 2nd new thought...
Why are there only 8 planes of Lessons when 9 is Born? Seemed like a premature birth...Born implies everything, completion & all that good shit, so, where's the missing set of Lessons? Self found a Right & Exact answer just by lookin' around; the Universal Facts all around me. ANY situation in the Universe, which can only be seen in terms of NOW, can be drawn up with Math, Alphabet & 120, and new Facts are learned, the REAL plus Lessons taught by Life itself, along with the Plus Degrees that YOU add-on with new discoveries & circumstances...

Universal Facts is the next logical step from Solar Facts. It made sense to me..after the 1-40, U got the Actual Facts about the Earth plane/the 13 spheres of the Tree of Life; Civilization is set up here..Then there's the Solar Facts, the basics of the Solar System making up the Build Destroy plane of existence; you deal righteously with your Planets to Keep them in orbit..well, what's next? After you discover Pluto, you STILL got the rest of the Universe to explore...Ain't no coincidence that Fard started his mission for Universal Self in the same year that the colored man discovered Pluto...

Fard also said that the Universe was 76 quintillion miles in diameter (in his time), then 76 years later the colored man "tries" to "redefine" the word planet, and say
Pluto ain't one?

Lame attempt. They've looked as far as they can into the Universe, there's no more for them to see, so they call it the now they stuck back here on Earth with the Sun, & Us, who Know better than that shit nowAdays...Sounds like those who think
120 is the end of the Universe...digressin again...

Universal Facts is the next logical step from Solar Facts. I don't know if anybody gave it that name before, some call it Plus Degrees, Plus Lessons, Adding-On, 240, it's all the same...The Facts that you obtain from the Universe, using the 8 previous lessons as your reference and filter. There's NO LIMIT to what you can learn!!! If 120 is all you'll ever know in life, that's a limited life where you'll continue searching for nothing. What Knowledge have you added on to 120 so that you can actually DO something with those Degrees? Religion keeps one searching, Science keeps one studying...Studying what?

Everything in Life. Starting with Self.

Allah Universal

Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything in Life

Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything in Life
written by the Almighty Nation of Gods & Earths