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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A problem is only a solution destined to happen...

Nothing in your world is real. Nothing you see is real. It is an illusion created
for your benefit so that you may experience your thoughts and state of being first
hand and purify them; make them better (that is why suffering is said to be an
indicator of wrong thought). Being - ness, thoughts, words, and actions create it.

Change how you feel and you change your mind.
Change your mind and you change your self.
Change your self and you change your world.

Here is a shortcut to solving problems, including financial ones. Whenever
you are faced with a confusing, unclear or problematic situation, look at it and
say 'I am that'. And truly accept it, for you caused it and separation is an illusion.
Then, ask yourself, 'why am I that?' All confusion and fear will disappear and
solutions will automatically start to appear in the face of your 'I am that'
awareness. This applies to any situation, actually, not just to a problem.

Have you noticed how life works like a large complicated mirror? What you
do to others, you do to yourself. If you wish to be happy, make others happy. If
you wish to be free, make others free. Use this principle in your business and you
will be able to choose what you get back.

Be aware of your thoughts and their
probable effects. Is a particular thought likely to lead to wealth or poverty? There
are no such things as idle thought, word, action, or state of being.

Do not feel guilty. Forgive yourself for past 'failures' and choose to act
correctly next time. But avoid guilt, as it is one of the biggest destroyers of focus
and confidence. Do not dwell on the past. Forgive others also. You are not doing
them a favor when you forgive them – you are doing yourself the favor. They will
still have their cause and effect (karmic) debt for all their actions, whether you
forgive them or not. But when you forgive them, you release yourself from a
negative karmic cycle and release your energy for other positive things as well.

What is found in the effect is already in the cause. Try to understand this
intimately. Then live deliberately.

Face all difficulties calmly and without worry. Even before
they occurred, they had been solved. Even before you ask, it has been given to you. Simply receive.

All of this is much easier done than said. It takes practice to make it second nature,
then you come to realize that it was your true nature all along.


  1. Peace God,

    I definitely see that math and I am strivin' to clean myself up in that regard. It can be difficult at times to live this mental approach out when 240 is bumpin' the soundtrack to the devil's civilization 24/7 365 :o). Born u truth that's no excuse because wisodm culture cipher born equality which is where all of that shit stops, becomes too heavy for the atmosphere and then distills. Knowledge wisdom cipher gives us what we need because it borns understanding, showin' and provin' the prescribed mathematical approach which we can apply to anything. Do the knowledge, manifest the knowledge and your awareness of it by living the wisdom, and bear witness to the result which is the understanding and take the best part.

    Alot of times we almost have to put on blinders to block out the various external negative stimuli that can cause trouble among the righteous. Most of said trouble starts in the mind just as all things do, thus when we clean our minds up, we clean our world up and the devils naturally fall off the planet.

    SV Allah

  2. Peace Allah...

    One of the things I learned when I "thought" I was a muslim, was the concept of Forgetfulness and how it plays such a big part in our drama here...The word in Arabic is Al-Nisyān, & it's similarity to the word for Man (Al-Nas) shows that it's an integral part of the equation...That's why they stress Rememberance of Allah (dhikr) so much, and I brought that over with me in regards to Us remembering our Lessons...

    The day after I posted this, a friend of mine returned to the essence, & all this shit went right out the window for a while! I'm not easily prone to distillation, but it happened, & depression kicked in a bit...The next day of Knowledge Understanding though (showing & proving U=Universe), it rained ALL day, & that "brought" to mind "But Brings Rain..."...I had to accept that there's no coming back from a physical death, and that I need to keep focus on the mentally dead in Order to deal with the situation...That "dhikr" realigned me with Love Peace & Happpiness, & the fact that I need to keep others on that frequency so that we can all cope...

    It's a lifelong journey as We Knowledge, & the Science of Now/Here-After once Understood, makes the weight of the Planet Earth & her population that much easier to deal with, no extra baggage to carry...240 is a mufucka, & holding 6 sextillion through it all is plenty, we don't need the "dead weight" along with that...Some Christians call it let go & let God, I call it let go & Be God...



Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything in Life

Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything in Life
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