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Thursday, November 6, 2008



I'm not my usual self today, there's no happy-go-lucky in my system, & I've lost my Equilibrium for now...Found myself pissed off @ myself, hot as a desert (6*, Act. Facts) because of a goal that I set today that didn't get accomplished (40*, 1-40)...I didn't make my mind up quick enough, and lost an opportunity (11*, 1-14)...This was after swearing to myself never to let opportunities pass me by again, not even 3 weeks ago. I got nothing out of the situation (6*, 1-36), and feel kinda stupid, because I know better (19*, 1-40 + accompanying bible verses)...

Fuck it, it's done...(3*, 1-14)

I have to go amongst the masses today, and the weight of the planet will be on my shoulders like every other day (6*, 1-40)...I Know I'll be in "quiet" mode today (Knowledge), and plenty of people are gonna ask "what's wrong"...I'll say nothing, because I'll be too busy watching myself to hold that convo (6*,1-14)...I'll be spending the day pulling pins (28*, 1-40) to find out exactly how I let myself get blinded, like a dumb ass deer caught in the headlights...Got some devils to take into Hell (39, 1-40), then maybe I'll be better tomorrow...


  1. Peace God,

    We've all been there. I know I have and will be again Lord. The rain, hail, snow, and earthquakes that we make can be difficult to withstand especially when as scientists that live mathematics we do things in a calculated fashion. That being the case it boggles our minds when, as we author our own history or koran, we pen some fucked up pages some true I master equals. Regardless, Allah is still the all eye seeing so once we arrive at the understanding we get the best part, draw it up and travel forward.


  2. Peace...

    Thanks for the comments, much appreciated...After going amongst people, they wouldn't let my fuckd up mood remain, and I redeemed myself on said opportunity, guess I gave up too early...

    It still surprises me (although it shouldn't) when the goodness of people comes out...I ended the day laughing @ myself for getting pissed, funny how that works...

  3. Peace to The God! I appreciate your honesty and I admire your courage! We go THROUGH things to help somebody else get THROUGH something we have survived! Thanks for the Build! If nothing else, I learned I m not alone(between me and you, of course)I m not perfect, either! Love and Respect DaGod B, Peace!
    P.S. Put Da stick down!


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Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything in Life
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