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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mathematics, the Language of Symbolism, & the Nature of Progress

"...and I take ALL Knowledge & use it to benefit myself, I don't care WHO said it...the world is building on a square now, it’s going to be building a circle. And they don’t NEED yo’ ideas no mo’. Your ideas did what they was ‘sposed to do…All you gotta give ‘em is the basics & they’ll do it they own what? SELF!...So each generation brought this about right? So let the children bring about another new world… And for the benefit of aaanny country, certain people got to CHAAANGE! It’s not a shame in change. There’s no shame in change…and all things was put forth before I became involved myself in the Knowledge of Self & let THEM know!…& I can tell ‘em aaalll about them but they can’t tell me NOTHIN’ about me, cause I’m a new breed that they don’t know about…”

…Allah’s taped interview…
(pardon any paraphrasing, some of this is from memory, my tape broke years ago & don’t trust the transcript 100%)

"... Truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it..." - Max Planck

"One problem with all organized religions is that too much focus is placed on getting new converts taught “the basics” and very little effort is made to continue to nourish people who are ready to progress to a higher level. The result is that all you get is Sunday School baby talk and most of the veterans stop showing up after 3 to 5 years of hearing the same stuff week-after-week… Islam is mathematics and mathematics is Islam. This stands true and can be proven in no limit of time. If the Saviour is correct, if indeed, Islam is mathematics, then there must be lower and higher Islams even as there are lower and higher maths. Simple arithmetic is math, but certainly must be lower than quantum physics. It is interesting and funny to note that higher mathematicians easily see the truth in low math, low mathematicians are incapable of seeing the truth in higher math... One who knows Algebra can bear witness to the truth of simple Arithmetic, but a person who knows only Arithmetic is unable to see Algebra’s truth. How, he might wonder, can anyone be so primitive that they’d try to add, subtract and multiply letters? And to say X = 36 + 12? Likewise, someone who knows the higher Islam can see the validity of simple, basic (Arithmetic) Islam. But practitioners of lower Islam will only, like children, call higher Islam practitioners a bunch of names."
… quoted from Amir Fatir's "The Flag of Islam"…

"...the greatest enemy of Knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of Knowledge...” - Stephen Hawkings

Just appetizers…and now, food for thought…


Imma start this one by saying Allah Universal Living Mathematics is no follower (yes, that’s been my whole name since the birth of my 1st Sun over 5 years ago). Going against the grain/masses has caused quite a few problems in my past, but to still have my Own Mind to think & do for Self, was well worth the Understanding. My Ol’ Earth NEVER gave me an answer for anything, her favorite words were “look it up” when I asked something she either didn’t know, or wanted me to see for myself. Self-Education was instilled in me early on, & I learned so much & taught her & my fam so much they nicknamed me “The Scientist”. They in turn taught me how to fight under any circumstances & win, no matter how many came against me. & if I didn’t win, charge it to the game & learn from it…

I never stepped foot into any “house of worship” under force or duress, always by choice to see what I could see. The numerous churches, Muhammad Mosque #3, the Ahmaddiyyah Mosque on Fond du Lac, the Sunni Mosques on Teutonia and on South 13th St., Sufi studies where ever I found ‘em, all by choice. Even when I was first told about the 5% @ Knowledge God years of age & given Supreme Mathematics & Alphabet, I memorized it as I was told, but didn’t want any parts of it, because I wanted to see for myself what I would be gettin’ into, & not follow what I saw 5%ers around me doing. Always been like that. And that’s the very reason why I bore witness to Allah’s teachings after 6 years of investigating for myself. Obviously, I’m not an easy person to convince of ANYthing.

So, after 30 years on the Planet, including 6 years & some months of having 120 on cap & actively working it, last year I hear of the concept of applying Supreme Mathematics to “regular math”. It sparked a memory, back to when I was studying in 2001 & asked what connection Supreme Mathematics had with the math I learned in school. The answer I got was, and I quote, “Why mufuckas always wanna get all high scientifical with this?” I was also told by another Brother in the room not to confuse myself. And naw, I ain’t gone name-drop, it ain’t important who said this to me. Anyway, problem for me was, I was ALREADY a high scientist who loved Mathematics before I even got 120. I knew there was a connection, but couldn’t articulate it. And while I learned of this man called Allah being called a High Scientist in his time, I was ready to take what I already knew beyond the mundane. Yet, there was a well-intended, yet ignorant attempt to “stunt my growth”, as the old folks say…I didn’t take it personal, shrugged my shoulders & kept it moving, I still do that, why argue?…I say all that though to say this: I support the idea of this Nation studying ALL branches of Mathematics, and utilizing every applicable function learned in the process along with Supreme Mathematics. Why? So that Our Babies can sincerely love mathematics, in ALL forms…Doesn’t matter who said it first, fact is it’s practical, & our claim of being Supreme Mathematicians SHOULDN’T be just a another parroted cliché…In other words, NOBODY IS MAKING ME DO THIS, I came to this conclusion by myself, just so happened someone else said it publicly 1st , and I agreed…Followed, no, AGREED, yes. Ain’t no mystery to it…I mean, we got an English Lesson, why not a Math Lesson? Matter of fact, ain’t algebra in the 1-40 already? Yep…Looked right past it didn’t you? :-)

We have to keep in mind that Allah, being the Self-Educated man he was, left the Temple BECAUSE he saw something in The Honorable Elijah Muhammad's teachings that most of the Muslims in the Temple couldn't. Not wouldn’t see, couldn’t see. He did the Knowledge, followed for a while, saw what was up, "tried" to tell ‘em, they wasn't ready, he took a stand, & eventually it got to you. Simple as that. No disrespect & no love lost. Incidentally though, the Muslims took a fall because of that some years later. The earthquakes from that fall still put out plenty aftershocks to this day. The early Gods & Earths bore witness to what Allah saw in The Honorable Elijah Muhammad's teachings, and subsequently didn't fall when this earthquake hit on February 25, 1975. This is why We didn’t get fooled & still stand nowadays. And yeah, We as a Nation took some flack for it, still do. Yeah, We still quote his answers, a Master Mason's words, and @ times, or in regards to certain subjects, I think We overlook one the most pertinent statements in the Lessons that leads One to Understanding said Lessons: believe in the 10% on face value...

Before anyone takes this trip, here's my disclaimer: I AM NOT SAYING ELIJAH WAS 10%!!! In fact, when I see 10%, I don't think about a group of people whispering & conspiring to bring me & my people down, that’s misdirected energy that could be used to Understand & Advance Self. I see the said 10% as our conscious mind that We have reduced ourselves to actively using; the 5 senses/materialistic point of view that religion & capitalism subconsciously taught Us. Well, what's behind those 5 senses deciphering the electric signals delivered to the brain? Not the brain by itself! The brain is a physical receiver/transmitter for the dimensions of Our Subconscious Mind & more, the other 90% of that We (normally) don't have direct access to unless dreaming, meditating, or in some other "altered" state of consciousness (déjà vu, etc.). THIS is what needs to be civilized first, the 85% within self, and learning something new literally reshapes the cerebral cortex. It’s here that "pins" need to be removed from, and We already have within Us the so-called 5% (Super, Magnetic,& Infinite Consciousness) to draw the Power from to do so. (side note: the Sufis call these 5 stages of consciousness Nasut, Malakut, Jabarut, Lahut, and Hahut)

When we draw the Lessons up in a fine mist (as just illustrated for example), this is showing an Understanding of the Language of Symbolism. And ALL branches of Mathematics use symbols to universally express the values & concepts that Mathematics reveal. Math wouldn’t mean a things without them. Applying Mathematics Supremely goes beyond just seeing applying Supreme Mathematics at ONLY the level of Arithmetic. There’s more to Mathematics than that, always has been, always will be, and who in their right mind can deny that? We can use every mathematical symbol available to Us with Supreme Mathematics, and not change Supreme Mathematics one bit, because it already is what it is. We’ve learned to use the language of symbolism that the Master Mason who gave these answers placed in them, why not use the same with what Allah himself gave Us? Yeah, he gave Us the basics, but the rest We got do our Own what? Self! And just so it doesn’t seem like I’m discrediting the basics, I’ll stress that higher levels of math or anything else CANNOT exist without the arithmetical basics!!! First We lay on our back & cry, then We crawl, then walk, then run, & then fly if the math is right! Either that or we fall on our asses as a Nation…

I/We wouldn't be anywhere without the basics, lemme say that again. Sticking ONLY to the basics though, is where many cultures/religions of the past (including the NOI) have made their mistakes, and many lives have been lost because of this instead of saved, or better yet learning to save themselves. I don’t at all want to say that We should throw out the baby with the bath water, I’m just saying feed the baby what it needs to mature into a Grown (not big) Man. I stated once before that illiteracy has been brought into the Nation. Not intentionally I’m sure, but seriously, think about it, & I’m speaking from experience…How many people have you taught that in retrospect you wish you never did? That never got to Understanding no matter HOW much you “built” wit ‘em, or HOW long they had Math, Alphabet or 120, howEVER far they got into it? And how many of ‘em brought their 85% lives with them & NEVER let it go, whether it be religion, drug addiction, drama addiction, pork addiction, ignorance-is-bliss addiction whatever? Instead, they try to integrate bullshit into a culture based on Pure Mathematics, which in and of itself canNOT be diluted mixed or tampered with? AND how long did it take YOU individually to see it (or have you)? Yeah, come as you are, but damn! Wash up & change clothes @ least!...Point is, some people ain’t never been, ain’t ready to, & ain’t gonna change, no matter WHAT they get! Admittedly, we lost time searching for that which existed in people that they couldn’t see…& what they couldn’t see is progress…

I learned the hard way that it’s not about how many I teach, it’s about WHO I teach, that makes the difference on how far they’re gonna reach. Teaching people that have brought illiteracy into the Nation has been a part of Our Stag-Nation (pun VERY much intended). Quality over Quantity is how applying Supreme Mathematics eventually taught me to see things. The Cipher takes precedence over the Square, but the Square is still a useful tool, can’t get Right (AND exact) Angles (Born Ciphers) without it. In this analogy, the Cipher is Supreme Mathematics as We’ve known and used it, and then some. The Square is every other branch of Mathematics that falls underneath and connects with it. I don’t know it all, & don’t want to come off that way. I still learning & re-learning as I go. I know though when I’m on to something, as opposed to when I’m walking down a dead-end street. When it was stated that Mathematics is Islam, I didn’t see a limit to the Mathematics that IS Islam. And I know, some might even go so far as to call this approach to Supreme Mathematics grafting, but do they know that grafting also means adding a branch onto an existing tree in the science of agriculture & horticulture? Sounds like useful land to me…

There's nothing wrong with elevating beyond what you’re given. Allah already showed & proved THAT! It's been a commonality in the Black Community to ridicule someone who steps outside of the “program”, & even to associate Intelligence with "acting white", usually said by someone who was made deaf dumb & blind when they were a baby in the 1st place! The irony…It’s really the other way around, teaching & advocating ignorance, & when someone doesn’t fall for that, it gets physical. Been there, done that, & it’s pointless. Shit, we get enough of that as it is, then to be doing it amongst ourselves. Fact is, it's natural for Original People to be/express Original Intelligence, for the Original Intelligence is what? Allah, the Original Man/Mind. I Sincerely Love ALL Masters who came before me who brought ANY Knowledge & Wisdom that I’ve used to Progress, especially those who brought Knowledge & Wisdom I had to earn. I’d be silly of me to continue though, to stand in their shadows, especially after they’re dead & gone, & that ain’t what any TRUE Master wants. That’s just plain lazy & counterproductive. Dare I say, it’s religious. Ain’t We supposed to be killin’ dat?

When it comes what We’ve been given by our forerunners, of course there's some literal interpretation required, and some basic applications that can be used to get Us through the day. But your own common sense should NOT be ignored! For instance, the Student Enrollment tells Us that there's 29 million square miles of useful land. It implies on face value that that’s all that exists for vegetation on the Planet. Taken literally, we’d drop dead from lack of oxygen, so what gives? THEM, being that his word was bond by his oath, couldn't say some things directly, that doesn't mean that said things weren't said...Elijah left it this way to MAKE Us think for ourselves, & take it further, as We should be doing still. All Masters take this approach to teaching, to make a Man Woman or Child think for they damn self. The God told Us in the ‘60s that Mathematics is Our foundation. Mathematics is the one field of study that I know of that’s open for discussion, but never for debate. With math, you either Right & Exact, or dead wrong, no in between. You can even have more than one Right & Exact answer, part of the beauty in it, but you can’t go passing off a partial answer forever. You only get partial credit if any, & I’ve never passed a class on partial credit.

If I'm wrong to expound on Supreme Mathematics beyond how it was given to me, prove me wrong, & I’ll leave it alone. I'd rather be the first to see my error & correct it accordingly. The way I see it though, whether you count from Day One, or from June 13, 1969, We’ve already spent our 40 years in the wilderness. It’s time to get past that, & let our Babies set foot on new land that We wittingly or unwittingly promised them. If we don’t receive more gold from what we were given, they should. I do realize that I may be drawing some opposition to myself just for having these thoughts & puttin’ it out there. Oh well. As I stated earlier, I don’t waste my time or energy arguing with anyone, got a Life to Live. Plus, that’s not progress, it’s regression, and how devil is made. Mathematics is always open for discussion, but never for debate.

Allah Universal


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Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything in Life
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