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Friday, January 16, 2009

Lawng Tyme No-C


Damn, I didn't realize that it's been over a month since I've posted a blog!

I've been fasting from the Internet for the most part, have been focused on some goals in the 4-D world...In order to gain something, you gotta lose something, so...

Right now I'm @ the job, day 6 of a 12 day stretch, and to be such a night hawk, I'm SLEEEEPY as 7 !_! ( !< !!! Beginning the Wise day of this month, I've been recording myself late night before rest, building on the Math of the day after midnight passes, and falling asleep to it...I've experimented with this osmosis, comparing days that I've that I do so, as opposed to days that I don't do so...My dreams have been reflecting the math that I touch on prior to resting, as well as the day that follows...Example...the Knowledge Wisdom (12) day of this month, felt the current of "Why does the devil teach that" coming @ me (fuckin' devil criticized my work, MUST not have known who I AM!) Anyway, built on that & vented in the language of Supreme Mathematics, got all my frustrations out, & went to rest with the determined idea to Master that current the next day (13), bringing my own climate with me into the cipher instead of letting shit be brought to me...NOTHING pissed me off that day, which is rare (except maybe a few moments here & there of human stupidity I have to deal with) Well, Allah IS the God and Math NEVER lies, because the very next day, the devil that worked my nerves was no longer employed by the Knowledge Culture day! He came up in the justice with the stench of uncivilization on him (pissy drunk smelling), and lost his position as #2 person in the building!...My theme for that particular day was "Acknowledge the Divine, and devilishment shall cease to exist", keeping positive thoughts ONLY because a negative thought is the devil (live grafted germ) and the start of making devil...This is the 3rd person in my cipher to be taken off my planet that way in the last month or so, and all I had to do was be me, and all in the universe submits willingly or unwillingly...I didn't have to fire them myself, turn them over to the wild beasts, or none of that, they fumbled simply by being in my presence on some bullshit...MIND POWER IS A MUTHFUCKA for those that don't know!!! The only way TO know, is to experience it your self (good luck gettin' there slow fucks lol)...

That shit used to scare me when I was younger and reluctantly realized that I was bringing rain hail snow & earthquakes to the population in my circumference, simply by staying focused concentrating on what I want...It's not some mysterious spooked out shit either, so fuck you if you thought so...Nah, I'm jokin' (kinda), but it's this simple...Today's Math was Knowledge Equality, and my Foundation is the Supreme Equilibrium of the Universal Mind that some choose to call God...What I came to Understand about Self miles ago, is that I AM that Universal Mind manifested, and that that Universal Mind cannot exist nor operate without a vehicle, that that vehicle is I Self Lord Allah Manifest...Take your mind back from the devil (5*, 1-14), stay free of the polluted thoughts in this planet's Atmosphere/At-most-fear, and you remain in tune with the Divine Mind which has no other intention and motive than Growth & Development as Almighty Allah...Easy to say, HARD to do, until you Understand that it's your BirthRight (39*, 1-40) as an Original Man, Woman or Child...

Anyway, bout to be out this wild beast for the night, so I'll be back next time I remember again that I have this blog...PEACE!!!


  1. Peace,
    It is easy to let the days slip by when we become disconnected from the internet realm.

  2. into my winter-time hustle mode, and haven't been still long enough to even think about what I might be "missing"...It'll always be here archived for me to catch up :)

    Love the new blog title, btw...


  3. oh, thanks...I read things late. Ha

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Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything in Life

Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything in Life
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