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Monday, October 27, 2008

A recent post re: Earths in the Nation

...Some youtube videos of Earths being interviewed were posted in the Myspace Nation of Gods and Earths group, with the following response, to which I answered...


Is it me or do the first earth's look unhappy. I've noticed that a lot when I've encountered earth's in the nation. Any earth's have any feedback on that note? God's can add on too however, I'm curious to know from the earth's why so many look unhappy. Even when I met my earth she was looking that way. Any one that wants to add on peace.[/QUOTE]

It's not just you...I don't know the personal circumstances of the Earths mentioned, and I'm not being critical, I'm good @ reading people though (1*-5*, 1-40)...The Weight of the world seems to be on those Sisters' shoulders, there was a lot of tension in not just the 1st set of videos, but the 2nd set also, the vibe wasn't really familial, genuine smiles were not present, and DEPRESSION was evident (6*, 1-40)...almost like Life itself was missing from the room, Like God wasn't even there (7*, 1-40)...there was a lot of "searching" in the atmosphere (10*, 1-40)...That's not a good thing in regards to being True and LIVING...

An Earth and I have had a conversation about this recently (the condition of the Earths in the Nation)...People for the most part, need to lighten the fuck up is pretty much the conclusion We came to...(40*, 1-40)

Yeah, Our teachings ARE SERIOUS, and We need to have Discipline and all that, but damn, We can have fun with this, we're not "seperate" from the rest of the world, We are part of it (16*, 1-40)...How are We supposed to attract the unalike in this world and teach Love Peace & Happiness, if We don't EMBODY that (18*, 1-40)? Who wants to be a part of that? We're hardcore in the sense of (ideally) having a solid foundation within ourselves, We don't always have to be so stoic though, We ARE NOT MUSLIMS!!!!!...Fun is not equal to being uncivilized, the meaning of Civilization is to ultimately attain, no, BE Happy!, just don't go savage in the process (17*, 1-40)...It's almost like some are afraid that people won't take them seriously if they dare to fuckn laugh or crack a joke!!! (8*, 1-36)...

Knowing the Truth CAN be fucking depressing sometimess (the Wisdom is sweet on the tounge, Understanding can be bitter to the stomach Rev. 10:10), but if the Truth don't stop you from mentally shackling yourself, than nothing else will...

Militancy is what I came into this with, carried over from my way of seeing life prior to Knoweldge of Self (12*, 1-14)...Some can bear witness that I was not one to smile much, unless it was "brought out" of me...That lasted up until about a year or two ago...It took my younger brother returning to the essence to see that I need to REALLY enjoy this life RIGHT NOW! while I'm here, and I advocate that daily, it rubs off on people (22*, 1-40)...It ws a rude awakening, but an awakening nonetheless...Now, that doesn't mean that people don't take me seriously, I don't walk around like a damn clown with a grin on my face all the time, I won't hesitate to smile & laugh on a daily basis though...I think I can borrow the word "Edutainment" to fit how I teach nowadays (39*, 1-40)...And those that are in my presence daily still know not to fuck around (9*, 1-14), that hardcore/solid foundation is still there and holds my cipher together, I take heads when I NEED to (10*, 1-14), not just because I can or want to...That's kinda childish, George W. Bushish even...

Love Peace & Happiness seems to be forgotten Knowledge amongst Us (stuck @ Love Hell & Right), not just for the Queens/Earths, for the Gods also; It comes in THAT order, there can't be any Happiness without Love & Peace 1st...

So I ask, WHERE'S THE LOVE????? What happened to taking the BEST PART????? (3*, 1-14)

One can "say" Peace and not be AT Peace...Me personally I don't believe in doing that, because Word being Bond, I don't even say the word if I'm not @ Peace at that particular moment, it'd just be a lie...(11*, 1-14)

re: the conversation referenced above, when any people are treated like 2nd class citizens it takes a toll on them...I mean, Earthquakes ARE caused by the Sun of Man (8*, 1-40)...

Original Women in this wilderness for the most part are found in pieces (5*, 1-14) & come into this EXPECTING something that the rest of the world didn't give them, and it's not to be downgraded, oppressed & might as well say "forced" to submit to God's insecurities, or His "need" to "take" control by concealing his self with his ego (9*-12*, 1-40)...Emotional rape ain't my thing, and helping your woman to keep herself happy ain't soft, it's Civilized...NOBODY can MAKE ANYbody else Happy, it's a natural state of being (one reason why the Babies are the Greatest), it's a CHOICE to be Happy (Freedom add a Cipher Degree again)...We are trained away from that as Babies (23*, 24*, 1-36), and fed the wrong emotional foods by those that don't know better (5*-16*, 1-36)...One must be (Happy & open-minded) as a little child to enter...

This NEEDS to be addressed, for real (should be a seperate thread)...What is Mt. Everest all about, and why is it an Actual Fact? The highest point of the Planet Earth, is where the Queens are SUPPOSED to Be, and they can get there and higher if Allah made the trip already..They don't need to be in the "Mariana's Trenches" at their lowest point under all of that water (emotional pressure)...That ain't Love, it's Hell, & it ain't Right...Freedom, Justice, & Equality, can anybody disagree?

Peace...Allah Universal




  1. Being an Earth and living in this world is hard especially with knowledge and wisdom hopefully to bring about an understanding. Gods, we need to overstand the Earths because we bear the seeds only if we were not looking to be different in terms of feminine and masculine traits that we would fully. Every thing seems like jealousy and lies when we don't have an answer as to why we are too tired. On The Gods parts we are not perfect when still found doing the things savages do.. He feels he can not be at fault and I'm supposed to see myself as beautiful for taking him back after that. Like the bible we all are born with sin, born with instincts and born with devil in us. We are weak when it comes to overcoming and men are weak to indulgences. So are we that much different? Gods need to reach with in themselves and show the beauty that we show in their lives and not to just knowledge 120. My God says he teaches me 120 in practicality in living. My heart and mind are in unisom and cannot vouch for such mannerisms and conform to abuse of this kind and not Earth should!!!THERE IS ONLY ONE EARTH AND GODS ARE SUPPOSED TO ALWAYS SHINE ON HER EVEN IF SHE'S ACTING LIKE THE MOON!!!!!

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Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything in Life
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