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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Life @ A Funeral 10/18/2008


My Aunt, Edith Roundtree, returned to the Essence of Life on 10/15/2008, approx. 11:40am CST, and her funeral was 3 days later. She was 65 Years, 7 months, & 33 days old...

I generally don't like funerals, but this one turned out to actually be a Celebration of Life...Got a real in-depth look @ the cycles of Life and Death on Planet Earth...

Mind you, this event was held @ the Winters Funeral Home in Kosciusko, MS (Oprah Winfrey's hometown)...I was told that it used to belong to my family back in the day, go figure...Our Family has always been tied to Death & Regeneration, in an ominous, Scorpio sort of way...

My Ol' Earth showed me a bit of her strength that I hadn't even realized she had. Of course, raising/putting up with me was hell on wheels for her, and she shone through, but there was something different this time around when I saw her. She's the baby of the family in her generation (youngest of 16 children, 2nd born of Twins). She as of today has lost both her parents, a son (my Older Brother), a son-in-law (my Younger Brother), a few nephews, 7 Older Brothers, and now an Older Sister. This was her first family funeral since 1978 (my Grandma and Older Brother died the year I was born) for a female, it's been us males for the last 30 some odd years. She faced her own mortality with a sense of dignity that I'd never seen in her before. The last time she saw my Aunt Edith alive was in Cream City/Milwaukee WI, this past July, and they both KNEW it would be the last time, they bonded accordingly Knowing such. All tears had been shed before the funeral, and my Ol' Earth faced it all with a smile. It was amazing, motivating, and beautiful to see that in her...

She hadn't seen me or her 2 Grandchildren since the family reunion last year (07/07/07, BEAUTIFUL timing, Math don't lie!!!) She came 700+ miles at a moment's notice not only to to celebrate the Life of her Older Sister, but also to celebrate lives that had yet to be lived fully. This was only the 2nd time she's seen my Daughter since she was born in 2006, and to see them together you'd think that she was there at her Birth! That, along with watching my Babies play with their cousins that they never knew before now, reminded me that time & space have NO effect whatsoever on True Love...

Now, as I mentioned earlier, funerals ain't my thing, I was once a strong advocate of "let the dead bury their dead", until I understood "If you want to see me, all you have to do is come together!"...I guess my Daughter inherited that dislike from me though, and she showed it. This was actually the 2nd funeral she'd been to in a week, her maternal step-granddad returned to the essence while she was in the room with him, gave me a god-AWFUL headache that day before I even knew the cause...All Minds are One in-DEED!!! Anyway, she was sitting on my lap during the service, and had been drinking water all day. She had on a dress and a pull-up, shifted a bit, and let the water go!!! I'll be damned if her dress was dry, but I looked like I pissed myself!!! I calmly got up, trying my damnedest to keep my shirt over the wet spot, and walked out with her and her Brother in tow...She got changed, both Babies got @ least a GOOD 10 minute laugh @ Daddy, and I spent the rest of the service outside sun-drying!!! Funeral does start with FUN, right?

While out there, I thought about the Universal Flag, the 7, Sun, Moon, and Star (9*, 1-14)...

As I stood there watching my Babies chase each other, I realized once again the Reality of that flag, but from a new angle...

Me=The Sun of Man; My Daughter=The Moon; My Son=The Star...7=the Mind that binds my Family; The 8 Points=The Infinite Cycle of Life/Death that brought Us all together on that Glorious Day...The Black & the Gold=My Maternal Grandparents, Granddad Cal Winters (Black Seed), and Grandma Celia Winters (Brown/Yellow Soil), without whom this day could not have existed; White=The Cream that we all swam a relative 9,000 miles through to Be Born out of the 3 layers of the womb...Although I was physically Born in Cream City, I was conceived there in Kosciusko...Love was in the air, I was @ Peace, & Happy in the moment, in tune with so much of my Origin in this world all @ once...Within the span of 9 days, I got to celebrate both my Universal Family, and my Physical Family, I owe my place in this world today to Both...The Universe IS Everything in-Deed, and My Universe is EVERYTHING to me!!!

More on the metaphysical side of things, I and my 2 Mothers (as I call them) had an intuitive experience in the wee hours of the 15th. My Ol' Earth & her Twin, had dreams where they were talking about my Aunt Edith with another sister...I had a lucid dream where I was planning a trip with them from Milwaukee, it was so real to me that I kept putting myself back to sleep to finish it...3 days later, the Understanding was Born...Once again, Math don't lie!!!

Overall, it was a Great Day for me...the current of air was warm, and I feel re-Born after today...In regards to facing mortality, I've renewed my vigor for Life, no more waiting & procrastinating for what I want out of Life, becasue a physical death can only be overcome by those who remember you after it happens...Make your mark in the world more than it makes it's marks on you!!!

Peace to my beloved Aunt Edith, the rest of My Physical Family, and My Universal Family!!!

Allah Universal


  1. That was a beautiful explanation of your experience...I'm not a funeral person either although my family used to be morticians and I wanted to be a forensic scientist, go figure.
    I watched my ol'earth deal with multiple funerals and it is rough, but she stayed strong. My g-pa and g-ma passed in horrific ways,...g-pa had both legs amputated (diabetes) and the hospital kept allowing him to fall out of the bed until he passed. My g-ma returned from lung cancer and to watch a person die from that is extremely tough. So, yea, I can relate, I just don't like seeing the body in the casket all stiff and what not. Anyhow, keep building..that was peace, I have a sense of energy this morning from your build. Now how bout that!

  2. It was a beautiful experience to explain...Preserving the Best Part = a Symphony of Synchronicity (don't take that title, I plan on using it lol)...I was so charged I didn't rest til noon today, & only needed 3 hours...& still motivated...

  3. thanks for sharing such a beautiful and personal moment with us, and reminding us that it should indeed be a celebration of life!

  4. No need to thank me, being an open book is a policy of mine...reveal, & don't conceal what's real...

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