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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lie to me if you want, just be Honest about it!

Sittin' on 22's (centimeters)

I'm gonna "try" to keep it light today...Today's Supreme Mathematics is Wisdom Wisdom. I see that as 2 persons or groups of persons Communicating. I also see in that Repetition, the easiest way to learn & establish a lasting Culture. Saying or doing some things once doesn't always have the impact necessary to rise above a misunderstanding, so the point may needs to be driven home with repetition...Do what you do in Order to get the point through...

Honesty is respected where ever I see it. It ain't hard to tell that some people are just more honest than others. I'd rather sum1 be honest with me, if they're not going to @ least tell me the whole Truth. Hell, they may not know, or don't have the ability to be JUST and TRUE, either way I can't get mad @ them! I can figure out the Truth for myself, because Truth tells on itself. Being honest with me, however, is where I appreciate you, because it takes a conscious effort to do that. So, lie to me if you feel the need to ('cause Imma GET the Truth!), just be honest in doing so, @ least then I can respect you more!!!

You ever hurt yourself with a tool/utensil/appliance? If you're the HARD-working type, known to REALLY get INTO your work, you know doing what you do & wisdoming your wisdom in whatever the work may be, chances are you've slipped up & hurt ya'self or somebody else...REAL HARD!!!

Well, words, being powerful tools, are sometimes our downfall, at other times our waterfalls. Words being synonymous to the "living water", behave as such. Water always seeks it's own level (26*, 1-40) & falls back down, one way or another (8*, 1-40, Actual Facts). This is true no matter how warm the current, or how high it may climb as "steam", or "hot air", it eventually rains back down, & you'd better be dressed for the weather to stay comfortable. Cold words tend to fall back quicker (hail, sleet), that's why they can have more impact (shivering = earthquakes). Snow is different in that it brings dust back to the earth as well (the dust particle that snowflakes build around)...LISTEN when it snows, you can hear the Peaceful Current in the air (ever notice there's less violent crimes in the city WHILE snow is actually coming down?)...Point being, all water eventually returns back to it's source, which is whatever body it rose from...So your words will always come back to either to comfort or to haunt you, maybe even to humble you...

Having said all that, I see Word is Bond as honesty, not necessarily infallibility. Every so often, something we say fails. Whether from a lack of full knowledge, or unforeseen changes in the weather patterns (everyday situations), shit happens, I call it 240*...Practically speaking, in my dealings with people everyday (6*, 1-10), I may say something (knowingly or unknowingly) that isn't infallibly true. maybe it's a question on how something works, or what I told such-&-such I would do, but end up not doing it for whatever reason.

Fact or no fact, the intention behind the words is the matter-of-fact, & whether I MEANT what I said WHEN it was said makes the difference between me being a Wise Man forever in training, or a liar, hypocrite @ worst. That's how I see honesty. My words spoken are bonded to me in my Life regardless, & regardless of outcome, communication IS irreversible (11*, 1-14). Any sane person knowing that, speaks from the heart, so to speak, and communicates in a fashion that can be easily understood. While the chance stands of being proven wrong in regards to Truth, at the VERY least, when one speaks from a solid foundation and doesn't lie to self knowingly, it's a Victory @ the end of the day/deal...

Ok, put your stereotypes to the side for a minute...A Jehovah's Witness came to my door Saturday morning (keep reading), and within about a minute's time of me telling her I'm Allah & explaining how so, we found something that we have in common; She's one of my daughter's aunts that I hadn't met! I remember when it was fun to invite Witnesses over, let 'em speak, & then tear apart their teachings in ways that they PRAY could NEVER even HAPPEN in the sight of the Lord!!! I've grown though, and found myself engaging in HONEST conversation with her, about how I see the Bible as well as other teachings being useful when applied practically. I didn't at all denounce her religion, and she only asked honest questions about my Culture, meanwhile we were actively seeking out similarities & not differences. I never committed to being @ Kingdom Hall the next day, what was clear though was the commitment that we both had in who we said we were. The one Word that we agreed upon out of all others, was Righteousness...Honest, open communication on both sides of an equation will solve it/balance it out/reduce it to it's lowest terms (read: humbles, brings thing's down-to-Earth), this keeps unnecessary storms from brewing (13*, 1-40)...& hell, even if a storm thunders along, acKnowledge it's cause & reveal, don't conceal (9*, 1-40)! THAT's honesty!

This went longer than I "intended", but again, it's from the heart...Victory only comes for Self when you stand on Square ABOVE the Unknown, not when lost in the Wilderness...don't be a loser...

Allah Universal


Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything in Life

Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything in Life
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