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Friday, July 3, 2009

Cynthia McKinney & the Cost of Caring

Peace...With all of the media attention on Michael Jackson, there's a piece of news that's been (intentionally) missing from the National Spotlight...

Cynthia McKinney is being held in an Israeli prison, for being party to something I didn't even know was a crime...She, along with 20 other world citizens, were ttempting to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza. They were aboard a boat (named Spirit of Humanity) that was seized on June 30 by the Israeli navy blockade. It's not like they were delivering bombs or bullets, they had medical supplies, cement, olive trees and toys. Seems like ANY person in the world would have the god-given birthright to help or be helped, but apparently politics is more important to some. Oh, by the way, 2 of the 21 people on that trip have been released, both are Israeli...

Former Congresswoman McKinney, this is a woman who ran for President last year (the Green Party), & has spoken out on MANY issues in this country when others were afraid to, or don't care about. So where's the back-to-back news coverage? Where's the plane full of U.S,. diplomats headed RIGHT there to her aid? the Obama press conference, condemning this action if nothing else? Where's all the bells & whistles, & people protesting in the streets? I haven't seen one story on this incident in the news, which I watch quite a bit (for better or worse). Not to say that it hasn't been there, but a 30 second clip won't do for something of this magnitude. It's shameful if not embarrassing.

Back to the State of Israel's side...Last time McKinney tried getting to Gaza with supplies, the Israeli Navy rammed the boat! (Dec. 2008)

This time, they took her captive, & have attempted to deport her, but she refused to take that deal (you do the math, I wouldn't sign either), so they "should" be sending her back in a few days. That's not the point though. This boat was reportedly NOT even in Israel's waters, Gaza's @ the most, but really, I mean REALLY, what business is that of Israel...

"Hey where y'all goin'? Gaza? Why? Oh ok, you got crayons, medicine? Well, we can't have those Palestinians getting well & havin' fun & shit, so you come with us. Oh, you're from the U.S.? Well, they take our side anyway, I doubt they comin' to get you..."

Ok, let's say they WERE taking weapons of some sort to Gaza, shit'd be ALL OVER then news!!! Breaking news @ that! Something else the media can use against her (check Ms. McKinney's history). The Palenstinians have had Jerusalem & a whole LOT of land taken right from under them, per post World-War II political decisions (5*, 1-14), & some other prophecy stuff I won't mention! Oh, & before I get written off as "anti-Semetic", that's bull! Ain't nothing but a catch phrase...

Please use this link Semetic, to see why it's bull...

Anyway, Right is right, wrong is wrong, and putting someone in prison for trying to help someone you don't like, is WRONG! Call the Palestinians terrorists, or whatever you like, but they are right now a people in need, just like many other countries that get little to no mention, along with numerous ghettos & barrios in the U.S....Whatever...Just keep all of this in mind when she comes home, I KNOW she won't be quiet about it!


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