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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Who are the 85%?

...Sheep. That's what comes to mind when I think about the 85%, also known as the masses. The masses are fed (11*), shorn (12*), domesticated (13*), led (14*), bred (28*), ultimately mastered by their owners. They have no say so in what happens with their lives (or so they think), so they subconsciously continue daily to bring bad conditions on themselves, AND have been taught to consciously blame someone else for them. They're straying sheep trained to follow the smell of shit to the wolves' den. And they don't try to find out what happened to the missing sheep when the shepherds tell them. Instead, they believe in the wolf in sheep's clothing on face value...

The thought that it's within your own Power to change this, had been Destroyed before they even had a good chance to use it. If a sheep knew what it's wool was worth, would they sell it for cheap? When the 5% build with the 85%, they leave with their wool, unless they try & play wolf. When the 10% build USING the 85%, they are the naked I that can hardly detect the fine mist of what the fuck just happened....

Then there's the Black Sheep, the so-called Build Powers. Those are the 85% who are more dominant than the masses within the masses. They have more magnetic than the rest, and are in agreement with the shepherds. They follow the shepherds. And that's where they fall short. They are easy to be led. This is because they may be Civilized, Vegan, and (relatively) mentally & physically fit or whatever. They obviously though, don't know their origin in this world, and worship another person who they can't EVER know as well as they could know themselves. This is really because they still have fear...of the wolves, and of their Own Self (13*, 1-36). The 14*, 1-36 is W.F. Muhammad answering for himself, not for YOU or I! The Knowledge that you have of yourself, & this goes for 85% 10 5%, man woman child, black white grey, it don't matter the Knowledge that YOU have of YOUR Self is YOUR Origin in this world. It's a real simple qualifier, either you being yourself, or you ain't. One who can't truly see Self as Original in and of themselves is still blind to themselves, even though their eyes have been opened to the currents(Now), they ain't of Allah's Nation....

The destroy powers are the ones who don't give a fuck. The Rams. So-called Destroy Powers have made even Allah question whether a Black Man can be the "worst devil". They would be the 10% within the 85%. One example would be Muslims selling the wrong foods daily to the 85%, while said foods just so happen to be haram (forbidden) for THE-M (THE-Muslims 1-36). Is there any Muslim other than Righteous? Um, yeah. There's Original Muslims, Muslim sons, & just plain Muslims. Destroy powers ain't limited to Muslims, it's anyone born 20 miles outside (crazy as hell). The destroy powers can't keep & obey the Laws of Islam because they really don't fuckn' know 'em, & most don't or can't care to. They're wolves in sheep's clothing programed to go for the shepherds & the black sheep (28*, 1-40), What they also don't know is that they only ramming their heads against a wall in the process.

All of that said, no matter what "brand"/said nation the 85%er wears, they are ALL being led to same END (the slaughterhouse), & most won't know until it's too late (life flashing before their eyes)...

So, how DO we stop the culling off of the world's population, which has doubled in the last 35-50 years (do the math on THAT)? By Taking Ownership & Be Rooted in Our Culture of Freedom that the 85% lack, but want & need more than anything else. Showing & Proving that the grass is greener on our side of defense, as "opposed" to Yacub's world that can be quite off-ensive in regards to Basic (home) Training & General Civilization (14*, 1-14)...The 85% NEED to see & hear the ones who have Life, in order to want it for themselves...How else are they gonna know? It's bad enough that the 10% lead 'em to death, it's even worse when they shepherd each other...Somebody has to teach 'em, & it's better Us than them...

Allah Universal


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