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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Born Degree, 1-40, Part 2

Peace... To born is to reveal, bring forth ciphers into reality. This degree is the 1st one to mention the 85%, 10%, and the 5%. The fact that Elijah was able to answer the question regarding the 85%, implies that he already knew who they were; that Light had already been revealed...

In a nutshell, the 85%, 10%, and 5% are the people mentioned of the 67 degrees before this Born degree, starting with the devil (2*, 1-10) who taught the 85% (the victims of the 6*, 1-14) that a mystery god brought all of those 67 degrees teach into existence. This was done with the purpose of concealing the 1st degree, Who is the Original Man?".

This works to their benefit, for they aren’t allowed to blatantly say who the True & Living God is (9*, 1-14), as a condition of their knowing. So they can & do teach that God is ANYone or ANYthing other than the Son of Man, the Supreme Being Asiatic Black Man! The next degree (10*, 1-40) is the result of the Almighty True & Living God being revealed as the Son of Man, thus reiterating that 1st degree and revealing a Truth once concealed...

The 10% keeps the 85% illiterate with the idea of a mystery god, and has them worshiping something that they can’t even understand...this results in psychosis & personality disorder, as the believer loses his grip on reality, as well as his touch with the civilized world, making him lose his mental life & powers...

The 85% knows that shit happens, but believe the cause to be outside of self, and seek refuge in it. They don’t know that they are the cause (8*, 1-40), & it’s not until later that they discover that they’ve been lied to by the 10% & stripped of their Powers, and this is why they are continually bringing "hell date" on themselves (13*, 1-40)...They may or may not recover from the shock...

The 85% are slaves, fallen victims to the 1-36, under control of the 10% (the trader). The 5% teach them (the 85%), but they would rather mimic the 10%’s face value. That’s why the devil teaches the 85% that a mystery god brings all this, because once they stop believing that & LET the 5% teach them of their own free will, the fact that there is no sword over their heads is revealed (9*, 1-14) & They are Born into the reality of God (9*, 1-40), they advance to the next degree (La ilaha 'ill Allah 10*, 1-40), ideally making it to Pluto and beyond...

How do I see self in this degree? To counter the fact that the 10% want to conceal who I Am, I give myself no choice other than revealing it daily. Allah Universal is an open book to all those around me, teaching those who choose to learn through plain honesty..."they" can’t bring me a lie as long as I’m revealing the Truth...
Peace...Allah Universal


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Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything in Life
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