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Monday, February 23, 2009

Wisdom Understanding...Show & Prove


The Genius that Allah was, he applied 120 Degrees to Self and taught us to do the same. By doing so, one awakens to the Knowledge of Self veiled in said Lessons. And it's not about just memorizing. The advantage that We have of internalizing 120's subliminal messages (see 13*, 1-40 for that science), is being rooted in the Square of Truth. Truth, being the Wisdom of the Cipher, "naturally" expresses & impresses the Cipher, in the form of a Self-Styled Wisdom, that brings forth an Original Understanding. Other than Our Lessons, One can "internalize" just about any fucking thing else in the world and be at risk of becoming other than self...Conversely, internalizing the tools of 120 Degrees along with the Supreme Mathematics and Alphabet is the Way to Understanding Self, from Knowledge to Pluto and beyond...For real, think about it for a minute, how fuckin' amazing is that?

Allah Showed & Proved to his Nation what he said he would do. Prove that he was Allah. That's it. Other than that, there's NO "promises" with this, other than 240 more degrees if you want 'em...even if you don't, 240 is STILL there by default...otherwise known as the Unknown Ciphers...

Today's Supreme Mathematics is Wisdom Understanding...I see that as Showing & Proving...your Wisdom is what you express/Show to the world of self, your Understanding is the Proof of Self's Foundation being Right & Exact...One's Understanding of Self bears Witness to the Knowledge Self via the Wisdom of Self. Thus the placement of Wisdom in the Supreme Alphabet, the Language of those with Knowledge of Self, otherwise Known as Supreme Wisdom...Supreme Wisdom, is ways & actions speaking louder than words (Showing & Proving) as Living Mathematics...

23*, 1-40
The Wisdom Understanding degree of the Knowledge to Culture Cipher (aka Allah's Free Cipher aka Lost-Found Muslim Lesson #2 aka the 1-40) asks; "What did he promise his Nation he would do?"

That degree as Elijah gave it is "about" Yacub, yet applying the ? to Self, I ask "What did Allah Universal tell his Nation he would do?". That I would show (Wisdom) AND Prove (Understanding) my Power by taking the devil (negative influences) off the planet (my Plane of Truth), and in doing so, I Show & Prove to the 85%, 10% AND 5% that it CAN and WILL be done. It's about more than just telling people, you HAVE to Show AND Prove, or people "can hardly believe" (23*, 1-36) ANYTHING you say in the 1st fuckin' place!

Yacub told his people in detail what he would do, AND did it! This degree unlocks the ability within self to outdo Yacub...All you have to do is Show & Prove you are Allah. That's it. 'Cause only Allah can show & prove that he is Allah, and only Allah can take the devil off the planet. Period. You can tell who's who not by what they say but by what they do, and even MORE so by HOW they say and do whatever it is they say & do.

Only the True & Living can be True & Living, whether God or Earth...The Babies don't have that choice...They're already the Greatest...Everybody else is jus bullshittin...

Nowadays when examining a person that either requests 120 from me or that I think of giving 120 to, I ask myself questions like this: If I give this person a loaded gun, would they use it Righteously? Would they try to use it on me, or themselves even? Would they use it to save a baby? Or would they take it to the police when they occasionally talk people into bringing them guns for cheap? Will I literally drive this person crazy, or are they stable enough to handle the weight of examining self? (don't laugh, this Science does in-deed create some mad scientists & frankensteins...that's how the devil got here in the 1st place)

My point is, Sincerity is Key, and will allow you to get from Knowledge to Pluto and beyond...I've learned from experience that when teaching a person who is not 100% Determined to get the Lessons and Build, it backfires. Every time. I'm ALWAYS Willing, but NEVER so desperate as to give this away for nothing (6*, 1-36). And I don't understand one who would...What you Earn is What you Learn, What you Learn is what you Earn...

Allah Universal


  1. Peace Allah,

    I see that math and most definitely agree. The wise take their knowledge and actuate it to manifest wisdom via speech and action. In this way, they get a free transportation to understanding. The key is that each person has to construct their own equations based on their wisdom in order to fully reach an understanding for "self". Experience generally tends to be the best teacher.

    SV Allah


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Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything in Life
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