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Friday, February 27, 2009

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This was a scientific method given to me in 7th grade, by my science teacher. Some of the back story is, I was basically thrown out my elementary school in 4th grade, because they ran out of curriculum for me, & was planted into a school with a "gifted & talented" program, all without parental contact or permission. The irony that I didn't see until years later, was the name of the school, Golda Meir, named after the female Prime Minister of Israel @ one time...Why the fuck would a school in the Midwest USA, be named after a Jewish Prime Minster? Anyway, this led me to the "gifted & talented" Samuel Morse Middle school, where I learned to LOVE Science...I only remember one of the teacher's names though...He was a colored man with a pacemaker & scared of microwaves. He had given himself the name "Dr. Pheoc", as a way for us to remember the formula...and I refuse to eat microwaved food to this day...Anyway, the flaw in the above method is obvious to those of Us who use scientific method of Supreme Mathematics, and that's the lack of observation before the experiment (even though it's implied, it's not plainly stated)...the fact that the formula is wrong, isn't the point of this writing...

I'm around college & high school students daily, & some of them tell me that they don't like school. I can't really be mad @ em, I know there's some bullshit is being passed off as education just as well as they know it. I first remind 'em that they as least have the privilege to GO to school, and that even though they aren't promised anything, they one, better their odds, and two, if nothing else, learn the math & science (take the best part), because they can't lie about that too well...

Thinking scientifically is essential in this age of information...This day and time that We live in shows & proves that Knowledge is the Foundation...there's a so-called economic depression that's been called a recession ever since it started, and all that's telling me is that the 10% are playing with the numbers...also, I haven't seen or heard anyone mention the fact that all of this money being put into the US economy is going to DROP the value of the dollar like a hailstone, like it ain't already low enough...meanwhile, they distract Us with cartoons of chimps so that nobody's thinkin' bout that shit...& while all THAT shit is goin on, they either "taking over" your bank (so-called bailout), closing your bank (join a credit union instead), or trying to snatch the home from under your feet (if mortgage is being paid, the bank owns it outright). & don't forget, the 14th amendment was for corporations to be counted as people...& while I LOVE Living in America, I'm jus sayn, they continue DAILY...

Just like anything else though, the US & all other economies run by the 10%, are subject to the laws of fact, economics IS mathematics...history will show how this country was set up for this robbery/depression in the late '20s & early '30s for all of their gold (those "send us your gold" commercials ARE by design), & it's been done again...the Great Depression back then borned some of the Greatest Minds to influence recent history in America (Allah the Founder was born, then Fard came to visit, & Elijah learned how to hustle & win in that time), so what does that say for Us and how We make sense of & get through this Math in which we're "situated"? A question to ask yourself is where will "I-Land" in an economic system that's literally falling apart?

Right NOW though is a window of opportunity for the True & Living, because people NEED Good Orderly Direction amongst them through this tribulation. The job that I have is supervising, but the title is Coach, basically middle management slash training...While there's the administrative part of the job, the perk for me is that I walk & talk amongst 100+ people per day, and around 20 that I'm directly responsible towards (NOT for!!! People are responsible FOR themselves & their families). All they get from me is Mathematics, & I don't even have to say Wisdom Equality or God lol...That's 100+ opportunities to do the duty of a civilized person, so spend my day drawing people up AND I get paid for it! Teaching just happened to always be a talent of mine, that was part my problem in elementary school & forward, I got a high from embarrassing the teachers...I taught my classmates those subjects better than most of my teachers could, & I was this little kid from the hood with a mother who hadn't finished high school, they couldn't figure the shit out! Anyway, the point is, I see it as getting paid for just being myself.

We all have (or should have) talents that you can multiply with. One of my favorite parts of the bible is the parable of the man is given 1 talent by a king, another is given 2, and another is given 5. When the king returns some time later, he wants to know what the 3 have done with the talents...the one with 5 brought back 5 more, & the king gave him more... the one with 2 brought back 3 more, & got more. The one with 1 brought back 1, said he put it up & was was scared to lose it. The king called him slothful & sumthn else, & took the 1 talent for the chapter & verse, I dunno, look it up...What I draw up from that though, is using what ever talents you have to make a profit. Stop following prophets, even they had trades. Use the Law of Inertia to stay in motion regardless to the time... a Trade is a plus lesson, not the other way around...

Allah Universal


Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything in Life

Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything in Life
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