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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Problem = Solution waiting to happen

"Problems have solutions, Trust and I will show...Problems have solutions, for I made it so..."
-Stevie Wonder - You Will Know (1987)

My Ol' Earth used to play that song every Sunday. She was never really religious, wasn't church-going @ all (good for me), but she believed in God/Jesus/Whoever, and played her gospel and positive songs on Sunday, incense lit and all...From the same album though (Characters, 1987), I remember gettn my ass beat to "My Eyes Don't Cry"...How ironic lol

This song was going through my head a few minutes ago, and it made me think about how some years ago, I started telling people that "There's no such thing as a problem, just solutions waiting for you to make them happen". It was later that I heard what Allah said regarding the Problem Book "I ain't got no problems, Sun"...The irony again...

The tools that I've been given over life to analyze, measure up, break down, & ultimately solve any "problem" that I come across, have always proven themselves to be either dead wrong, right, or right and exact. The ones that have always been right & exact, have been Allah's Lessons as given in Harlem...He left only the Supreme Mathematics & the Supreme Alphabet as his Own. 120 was reworked by him to be used as a launching pad for studying the times we live in, how things happened beforehand to get to where we are, and where they are headed as a result...Everything I've studied since putting these lessons on cap, has led back to Allah's Lessons either directly, or indirectly...The Man was on point, no doubt!!!

Now-A-Days, I'm presented more "problems' than I've EVER had, yet no real stress about them, at least not like I used to stress over what I can call in retrospect petty problems. If a problem is only a solution on pause, than that means I have a list of solutions lined up for me, that's all. When a new "problem" arises, most times my first reaction is to shrug my shoulders, & ask myself, is "Now What?", or "What's Next?" (Then what happened? 31*, 1-36). This puts me in the mind frame to actually resolve the issue, rather than making it worse by stressing myself over it. A problem can't be solved with the same way of thinking that brought it about, so it's going to take a clear head to see where I need to head next, why stress?

Every issue has a mathematical, scientific solution, if we would only choose to see it that way. I think the Qur'an says "For every difficulty, there is relief", once again confirming that there are no unsolvable problems. Now that I think about it, the word problem doesn't even exist in 120, the closest words to it are trials and tribulations...Both a trial and a tribulation have an end to them (Knowledge to Born), and can only be recycled (Cipher) if the (root) issue was not solved the 1st time a-round...If @ 1st you don't succeed...

So, in essence, when you find yourself stressing over this problem or that issue, interpret the situation differently than you have before, see another angle, becasue there is a definite solution for a determined mind to find. There may even be more than one right & exact answer, go with the one that works for you. The rules and regulations that keep the Universe running are solid, but your interpretations of them don't have to be. There's 2 side to a circle/circumference/circumstance, the inside, and the outside...Step outside of the problem, and I guarantee that the solution can be found...Ok, that song's done downloading, about to see how much of it i really remember...



Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything in Life

Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything in Life
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