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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Knowledge Born


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This is a continuation of the email referenced in the previous post, Knowledge Build...

First, since your faith does advocate finding Truth in many scriptures, does that mean you invest time in the study of many religions to identify Truth? In doing so, do you seek the teachings that assist your understanding, while discarding specifically religious things, like who God is, or do you try to understand them in the perspective of the 5% teachings?

Well, I have in the past invested much time into the exegesis of scriptures, and still do from time to time. Many members do, because Truth can be found everywhere, even in a lie, because a lie is relevant only because Truth proceeds it. As for how these scriptures are approached, nothing is to be taken on face value, so I indeed study them with an eye of understanding. When I read the Holy Qur'an for example, I no longer read it as a Muslim, I read it as a man seeking Knowledge Wisdom & Understanding. It's the same with other scriptures...Reading them from the Right Angle can validate anyone's beliefs, and aid in search of their relative Truth, so I indeed have found references to validate the existence of the 5%. Example, I see every bringer of revelation as part of the 5% of their time, and where appropriate, i put myself into the position of say, Job in this situation, or Ezekiel in this situation, or Allah in that situation, Buddha at this stage, Jesus/Isa at that stage, Moses/Musa or David/Dawud at this or that stage of development, Muhammad or even Gabriel/Jabril in that situation. I apply the situations that they were faced with practically, pragmatically, and I take the same approach to the Lessons of the 5%. There's nothing new under the Sun, only renewed. And above all, these scriptures were written by men, I being a man, can relate definitely. I tend to lean toward the esoteric and allegorical meanings in the scriptures also, in order to better understand my inner self. In soul searching, I studied and practiced religions before coming into the True Knowledge of myself, and never found what my soul/sol was seeking until I came across Allah's Teachings.

Second, you said that your answers don't necessarily reflect the Nation's teachings. Does this mean that the faith invests a lot of the theology in the individual members? That is, do they ask you to find your own truth/interpretation?
That's Right and Exact. Although we share the same Knowledge, We all lead different lives, so no one can live on another man or woman's Understanding and be successful. We must all come to our Own Understanding in order to remain Free-Thinking beings. I can recall when I was first under the study, and was told that "We're not making robots":) We all share our Understanding with one another, sometimes we agree, sometimes we disagree, sometimes we agree to disagree, just like any other family. As long as We all share the same Knowledge/Foundation, We remain Free-Thinkers with our individual Free Minds/Free-Domes. when I referred to the herd mentality last time, I was implying that religious thinking, as far as rituals, etc., may have been originally designed to show unity between members, but when blind faith enters the picture, and conformity becomes the order of the day, people's minds become wet clay, pliable to the hands that lead them (whether those hands have good intentions or are corrupt), and in some cases, they become cattle or sheep led to the slaughter. This isn't my entire view of religion, because again, it's useful to bring people to a righteous path, Zealotry isn't healthy though, the wars that have gone on, and continue to, because of differences in religion (or politics, race, gender, etc.) have cost many lives, and with the weapons available to man now, who knows what people will do "in the name of God" when the ego is driving zealotry? Ideally, the evolution of human consciousness will bring this to a halt (according to the Mayan Calendar), but we shall see.

Third, considering the wide variety of sources you look for to understand yourself, are there specific writings that the 5% percenters publish to aid in understanding?
As of late, there are many members of the Nation of Gods and Earths who are publishing works on many different aspects. Allah Jihad is one Brother who put out the book "The Immortal Birth" within the last 2 years. Dr. Supreme Understanding Allah is today (July 19) holding a book signing for a work he's been promoting, "How to Hustle and Win"...It's not about the 5% specifically, from what I understand, but definitely from the perspective of a True 5%er. That brings to mind another book that I've read recently by a Caucasian Muslim...Michael Muhammad Knight (Azreal Wisdom), "The Five Percenters: Islam, Hip-Hop, and The Gods of New York". it's an excellent read, heavily researched, and thorough in his study of/with Us. I versed with him maybe 2 years back, helped him in his research a bit. The book most recommended for beginners is "Message to the Black Man in America", by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad. It was one of the 1st books to really give me a good start on where the teachings of The Nation of Gods and Earths originated. Within the last few weeks there's been a release of a fictional novel specifically released for Gods & Earths with all Lessons in memorization (it's difficult to understand otherwise), entitled "Da God", by Emblem Allah. . There are links below for reference...

Allah Jihad

Dr. Supreme Understanding Allah

Michael Muhammad Knight (Azreal Wisdom)

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad

Emblem Allah

Fourth, in regards to your statement that Caucasians have "the ability to purify themselves" through religion, does that mean that your faith advocates Caucasians to do so through your faith specifically?
Well, Azreal Wisdom is just one example of a Caucasian 5%er. We have never been against Caucasians, and their struggle to live with Freedom, Justice, and Equality. There's many ways to leading to Truth, and religion, if one is sincere (no matter what their color), can be used as a path, It has it's limits though. The teachings of the 5% include everyone, but it's not for everyone. Religion, in my opinion, was created for only a few reasons, to brainwash and mislead Original People who were dissatisfied with the previous status quo of holding the responsibility of being Allah and for the masses who could not understand what it meant to be the Supreme Being, in order to satisfy their inclination to spirituality. This was prior to Caucasians domination of the planet (also let me know that I see a clear distinction between spirituality and religion). After the Caucasians time to rule began 6093 years ago, more religions were created to attempts to bring order to the uncivilized nature that they displayed, before the especially before the European Renaissance, with the Prophet Muhammad being the last to bring a revelation in order to try and civilize the Caucasians using the Arabians (this is why he was called the Last, the Seal of the Prophets, he was indeed so for Caucasians). This was Islam given as a religion, revealed in Arabic so that it couldn't be easily corrupted without being obvious (the Arabic Language is one of the most pure languages left on the planet). I know from experience that if this religion is practiced properly, it leads one to be truly Muslim, in the sense of being one of Peace. It though was corrupted soon after the death of Muhammad. Islam, along with other religions have all been used to retain the power of those in power. Obvious example, the Catholic Church...the Vatican is the smallest, yet one of the richest states on the planet, yet we all by now know of the corruption within their system. They have been controlling minds for years, using the name of Jesus to get people to believe in them, not in what Jesus REALLY stood for (a rebel/revolutionary in his time). The same with Saudi Arabia (why is it no longer just called Arabia?), and the nation/state of Israel (Is-Ra-El?)...The mind control exhibited by the 3 major monotheistic religions is the greatest science experiment know in this time. But again, many people can go through them with sincerity and come out righteous. It's not religious people that I have issues with, it's the institution of religion as a whole. One of our lessons asks, "And can you reform him (the devil)?, and is answered (excerpt)..."No. All of the prophets have tried to reform him (the devil), but were unable to do so. So, We agreed that it cannot be done, unless we graft him back to the Original Man, which takes 600 years..." All of the above that I've just stated falls under that lesson, the prophets who left their revelations and teachings, knew that in the long run that the nature of Caucasians could not be fully understood by them and reconciled (Muhammad died from his heart attack knowing this, as a result of his poisoning some time before by his Jewish wife, as well as the literal heart-break...Jesus before him, said they know now what they do when the Romans/Caucasians put him to death, and Moses saw the reluctance of his people to change with the time he was presenting them with, the Age of Aries, while they chose to stick with the Age of Taurus the "Golden" BULL), until the time was right. That time is Now, ever since Allah revealed himself on Earth, yaum-ud-deen, or the Day of Judgement/Reckoning that was long ago predicted is now upon us, also known as the Age of Aquarius, the age after the "2 Fish" of Jesus (Age of Pisces).

And since you must understand the "Original People" does this mean that there must be an acknowledgment of the superiority of the Original people or the slandering nature of the Caucasian?
I wouldn't say that it's an acknowledgment of the superiority of Original People, it would be for the most part vain and egotistical, to want worship of any kind from Caucasians. The fact is simply that physically mentally and spiritually Original people are more inclined to be dominant (not superior, but Supreme), when taken outside of the context of Eurocentric worldview, and looked at from a global and universal perspective. Bearing witness to this, begins to free the mind of a Caucasian that is used to being caught up in the matrix of the Eurocentric worldview. Another thing thatmust be understood while it's on my mind...Caucasians are nearing genetic annihilation, maybe within the next 1000 years or so. Those Caucasians who are "at the top of the totem pole" know this for a fact, and just as any species or race of creature on Earth (including original People, say, in the urban demographic), if their existence is threatened, the instinct of survival kicks into high gear. Let's say you were a prisoner of war, and found a gun with 3 bullets, but you're surrounded by 5 guards. You would indeed still try to escape, even if you knew the odds were stacked against you. The Caucasians "@ the top", in trying to survive extinction caused by "race mixing", are willing to sacrifice their own, the average working Joe or the guy down the street tht enlisted, along with the genocide of Original People, in order that their so-called "elite" can retain their position of dominance over the planet Earth. So, it's survival of the fittest, and population control is being implemented along with other misc. "covert operations", like the current moves to dominate the Middle East and it's resources (that, plus it's strategic military positioning). It's not really that we want acknowledgment of superiority, so to speak. In reality, as Supreme Beings wel aware of our Peaceful Nature, we just want Peace and no more oppression from the top, but Peace is only to be found within in this day and time. It's possible for the Caucasian people also, especially in this time of human evolution, but it really kicked in for them in the 1960's, when they began to break free from the ways of their parents. they had the right idea, but went to the extremes with the drug abuse, etc.

What we emphasize is Knowledge of Self above anything, even for Caucasians, but specifically for Original People who have been blinded to who we are over the last 6 or 7 millennia. for example, since the time that Allah revealed 1st himself in the 1960's (and we can even go back to the 30's and 40's when Elijah Muhammad was saying that we were the Original People of the planet Earth), many revelations have come (from Science) about of what we were teaching in the 1st place, that Black People are the Original People of the planet earth, this wasn't something widely accepted in the (Eurocentric) scientific community until I'd say the last 20 or so years, mainly due to the influences of Caucasian superiority complexes (not really found throughout the world outside of Europe, the United States of America, and their respective empires), and the impact of religion, especially fundamentalist Christianity with the belief that all men were created only 6000 years ago, & that was what they wanted their 2 billion+ followers to believe. When over 99% of the world's population are being led by 1% who want to keep them blind to themselves and the power that we all possess, Knowledge of Self is Priceless, no matter how you get it!!!!!

Fifth, with the references to the "8 bodies of lessons," to what do your refer?
Finally, you made a number of statements about Science, and the Science of Islam. Do you mean literal science, like Chemistry? If so, how does this relate to religion?
The 8-Point Lessons, as we call them, are a body of Lessons that we Collectively call Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabet, and 120 Degrees (Knowledge and Wisdom of the Cipher). In these can be found the Sciences of EVERYTHING in Life, and one can only Understand that after internalizing the Lessons, and allowing the border between the conscious and subconscious minds dissolve.
Broken down into 8 planes of study, the Lessons are memorized by our members. They are purely Science based, although on face value, they would appear to be based in religion...They are as follows:

1. Supreme Mathematics
2. Supreme Alphabet
3. Student Enrollment (1-10)
4. English Lesson No. C-1 (1-36)
5. Lost-Found Muslim Lesson #1 (1-14)
6. Lost-Found Muslim Lesson #2 (1-40)
7. Actual Facts (1-13)
8. Solar Facts (1-9)

The latter 6 were "secret teachings" of the Nation of Islam (called the Supreme Wisdom by Elijah Muhammad), that were taken to the youth of Harlem in 1964 after being refined for better understanding, and can be dissected & "drawn up" using the Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabet as . These lessons are taught per oral tradition, as the shaman and griots of other cultures around the world pass on their Knowledge. The lessons are internalized, and used when cross referenced, they are used to gain understanding of all of the human families of the planet earth and their innate natures, physics, metaphysics, quantum physics, history, chemistry, biology, psychology, philosophy, theology, economics, language, astronomy, politics, geopolitics, religion, war, peace, geography, electromagnetism, sound, global warming, climate change, self creation, genetics, eugenics, civilization, anatomy, the now famous "law of attraction", freemasonry, spirituality, demographics, population control, the prophets and the source of their religions, etymology, eschatology, and many other things I can't think of right now. This is indeed a literal science that we study, for a science in simply a thorough body of knowledge, with no contradictions, just as pure mathematics has no contradictions. When I say the Science of Islam, it's the Science of Knowing one's Self, the Science of Peace (Peace of Mind comes from Knowledge of Self), and one can only be at Peace when he or she is free to know & be one's self, so one must be their Own Master (I Self Lord Am Master, I Stimulate Life and Matter are 2 acronyms which we use). Our teachings are not intended at all to be religious, although some of our members tend to be religious about our teachings, and as a consequence their minds are not open to the science within the teachings. It may fill their need to belong to something, but will not fulfill them and give them peace of mind.

Religion itself, as an institution, is a science, falls right under psychology, remote control of the mind. A religious zealot, and a schizophrenic man are no different, in they they both separate their personalities from their source, which is their own True Self. the god that has been distorted in religion, is none other than Man's True Self. God and Man have always been One, to separate the two is insanity, and a house divided cannot stand. It must also be understood that the potential for devil/transgression of natural law exists within every man also, and this is where religion can enlighten, alerting man to that possibility. I do stress though, from both observation and experience, that religion in any form is not to be taken on face value. I don't really condemn religion, I appreciate and respect the power it has, I just don't condone it, especially for myself.

It was said by Einstein, "Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind." I agree, because pure science it not always 100% logical. For example, look at the paradox of Light, it's both a wave, AND a particle, takes a degree of imagination to understand that, definitely needs some right-brain thinking. Science appeals to the spiritual nature of man and mankind, knowing and understanding the laws of science/nature, one cannot transgress them without knowing and accepting the negative consequences thereof, and in turn a Scientific Man is inclined to be a Righteous Man. A man who is blinded by religion, and ignorant to the Laws of Nature, will not Value life as it should be valued. That's why so many are ready to kill "in the name of God" at the drop of a hat. Sincerity is the key when dealing with religion, and the ability to evolve as your spirit beckons, instead of letting your ego "be right" about "your religion" being the only way to Truth. The same goes for Us, there is no compulsion, the Best of Us live what we teach, and that is the purpose anyway.

I like to say that I have a tendency to go "overboard" when I expound on Our teachings, it's natural for me to be loquacious though (I'm a Gemini). Like I stated before, there's SO much more to Our teachings that it'd literally take the rest of my life to get it all out. I certainly appreciate your open-mindedness, from your questions, it seems you have heard a bit about Us, and I'm not sure if all that you heard was true, so I've been striving to make things as clear as possible. If you can come up with any other questions, I'll be glad to answer them as time allows.

Allah Universal


Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything in Life

Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything in Life
written by the Almighty Nation of Gods & Earths