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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Back to blogspot...The Value of Life


Well, I'm back to Blogsopt..I started a blog on wordpress (that I forgot about until today), and since Google makes it SO easy to access this blog, I'm going to be starting this one up

I'm going to make this topic short & sweet...

It's been 2 years to the day since my lil'brother returned to the Essence of Life, and 4 months to the day since one of my true blue friends returned to the Essesnce. They both went out 2 different ways (one was murdered, the other was heart failure), but the similarities of the 2 situations just blow me the fck away. Both of them were 22 years old when they died, on the 16th of the months in question, both were buried on the 22nd of said months, both had their run-ins & dealings with the lawshortly before returning, and they were both Black seeds (brothers of dark complexion, for those that don't know what black seeds are; for those that know, you can see that Wisdom Build Degree @ work).

Death isn't really something that's easy to deal with generally speaking, it's sadly something that I've gotten used to though. When there are 2 situations that are so damn similar though, it kind of put things into perspective for me. The Holy Qur'an says that every soul shall taste death, & I've had my fill indeed. I had 3 or 4 near-death experiences in my time here on Earth, once at 12 or 13 (almost drowned @ a water park, I still find myself choking on liquids almost every day), another when I was about 19 or so (could you believe my muslim girlfriend tried to fckn food poison me?), and 2 more at, guess when? The age of 22 (long story) I'm 30 Now, & the making the best of life by putting the pieces back together...

The Righteous name that I have chosen for Self is Allah Universal, the 1st and 21st degrees from the Supreme Alphabet. The 22nd degree of Supreme Alphabet being Victory, one is Victorious each & every time the Truth is Born from them (Be the Truth!). I see as part of that my personal victory over death, meaning simply that life should be lived to the fullest every day, cause death is running fuckn rampant on the Planet Earth! Ain't such a bad guy, but not so easy to bargain with. Also, for me the 2 brothers mentioned earlier are not dead to me, for they live through me, in my Mind (the Essesnce). Their energy I can see manifested in my everyday life, I've even picked up the speaking cadence of the latter brother. In that I can see that death is NOT Truth, it's relative & has meaning only when compared to Life, that goes for mental and spiritual death as well, not just the death of the physical body. & trust when I say that I'm not on some spooky possesed shit, it's just real like that for me. Not even death can cause me to graft from the stong bond that I had with those brothers of mine.

Life is where it's at, and through all of my trials & tribulations, the fact that I have Life physically, mentally & spiritually is fckn priceless to me. When things are at thier worst, I can easily say "@ least I'm Alive & Well!!!"

The moral of the story, Value your fuckn life, & be victorious over death if it comes your way, because you don't get another one to try again...I'll be back with more organized thoughts...I might just copy & paste from the old wordpress blog (once I find it), there'll be fresh material too though, when time is made for it...

Allah Universal


Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything in Life

Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything in Life
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