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Saturday, May 21, 2011

5% English Lesson (Post-Rapture)


When it comes to the fundamental components that make up life and all of its complexities, the language of Mathematics is best qualified to describe how things are what they are, plus how and why they do what they do. For plans to become reality, a sense of order is required, and this is also best spoken to via the language of Mathematics, more specifically the Supreme Mathematics/Scientific Method. In order to understand what Supreme Mathematics is one must deal with a level of symbolism, to say that 1 represents the Quality of the Knowledge Principle being the Primary function of the Universe. That same symbol (1) quantitatively represents just the number one, the first integer of the counting numbers. Counting is a part of the languages that we have learned to speak; this writing just so happens to be in English, however you can count on it being Universal.

All languages are fundamentally a culturally acquired form of Applied Mathematics, regardless to whether this known or unknown to the speaker. The fact that a language can be studied as a repetition and reiteration of man-made patterns, qualifies it as a study of mathematics, for mathematics is for one, a study of patterns. These patterns include the vibrations (sounds) and symbols (numbers, letters, etc.) inherent in most of the known languages, and are themselves an agreed upon set of values that represent thoughts, feelings and ideas.

The language of (Supreme and chalkboard) mathematics, just as the language or your Father and/or Mother tongue, is also composed of symbols that represent familiar/familial sounds (and/or sound principles). One's overall literacy is determined by the proper interpretation of these symbols, and whether it's the language of mathematics, or the vocal language that you read/speak/write daily, literacy is vital in interacting the day to day life with people who share a languages that you have. What if everyone in your city didn't know what a red traffic light meant? Commerce/social equality can't be done amongst family nor stranger without some level of proper interpretation. Those who are literate in the language which uses the English Alphabet (based on the 26 Latin Letters) will have no problem interpreting these symbols, a practice of symbolism that we simply call reading. Iqra...

A nation isn't a nation without education, or a flag; it's only "said" nations that don't have a standard of education or a flag/standard to bear. Yet, these "said" nations will still be able to use a number of symbols to identify themselves. The Nation of Gods and Earths has what is known as the Universal Flag of Islam. One would not be able to Show and Prove the Universal Flag of Islam, to be the Greatest and ONLY Flag known in the Universe, without knowing what the Seven, Sun, Moon, and Star symbolize, or what the colors of Black, Gold, Yellow and White symbolize. A Prescribed Law of Islam: Those who can't properly interpret those symbols simply don't qualify yet to wear it, they cannot be standard bearers. Not all of the standard bearers/said persons of that ability wear the Universal Flag of Islam; however those under the study must complete the study to do so. That study includes the study of symbolism and its significance in the structure of Nations, States, and Civilizations in general. One can't show and prove at the very least, the Born degree, 1-14, without symbolism. If you read this far, you used symbolism/ the interpretation of symbols, to get here. It can be done, because it’s being done all the time. Keep reading. Iqra...

The interpretation of all man-made symbols (symbolism) is required to understand other people. A language barrier refers to people who speak different languages (or even the same language) misunderstanding one another. This negates Peace, and prompts Wars symbolized by flag against flag, standard against standard. A flag is a ultimately a symbol/set of symbols that represents/symbolizes a nation's foundation. Every nation's flag in the world, with the small margin of one possible country being excluded (Burma’s flag on face value), has some reference to, or replica of one or more symbols of the Universal Flag of Islam. One needs only to know the meanings/interpretations of the symbols of the various flags in order to see this.

The use of symbols is universal, and can be applied to all social relations undertaken by Man, Woman, Child, and mankind as a whole. Said life forms use all means possible to communicate with one another. It's as though we're hard-wired to associate with symbols, and through symbols. A closer examination will extract the same behavior in various species of the animal kingdom. We more sentient beings use symbols to describe what we find in the "human", animal, plant and mineral kingdoms, and this is directly responsible for our ability to manipulate it all. Indeed, symbols are inescapable in our day to day lives, and culture/civilization cannot exist as it is without them. Every corporation that is worth its salt (or its weight in gold, depending on the corporation) has a logo composed of symbols that can be easily recognized, that's what they are designed to do. A language is being spoken through these symbols, which is either consciously or subconsciously understood by us all. How do I know? How can I make this claim? An easy example is when we buy for or even against a particular brand.

Marketing, in a nutshell, is all about increasing brand recognition via symbols that represent values. We recognize and decipher the symbols of the product, even before the product itself, due to the packaging and/or presentment of the product. We then interpret the value, or lack of value, of said product using both logic and emotion, and purchase accordingly. The extreme case is of course gross materialism, the conscious or subconscious seeking of "status symbols" (ego trips), which artificially increase one's (face) value. This is marketing on the individual level. The genius of corporate marketing is that brand recognition reiterates on the individual level, for those who seek said status "symbols". The individual becomes essentially the brand's advertiser, and this service is provided by those very same ones of us (me included) who re-present the brands of our choice to the world anew, and we continue daily ;)

The language of capitalism should be well understood by all of us, so as not to fall victim and be robbed to provide luxury to the blood-suckers, when and where ever it's avoidable. Without a literacy and use of the ability to properly interpret symbols (symbolism), one can't claim to be doing the Knowledge to Wisdom of the Cipher in order to gain Understanding. In such cases, any and everything can be taken on face value, for there's no further act of interpretation applied to the information acquired. It don't matter if the ingredients are all there, if ain't nobody cooking. It was said by Elijah Muhammad that W.F. Muhammad spoke sixteen different languages, and wrote ten languages. Taken beyond face value, this is simply a compliment to Fard’s ability to use sound and symbols to teach civilization. The greater one's ability to productively use sounds and symbols in an Original manner/Self-Styled Wisdom, the greater the chance that one brings about an Original Understanding.

Doing the knowledge to the languages that are spoken in this world is itself a self-rewarding study, for the symbols that you can interpret and use fluently can and will determine your successes in this world. Language is ever evolving; new words are created every day in the English language, and new meanings are given to older words. Whether they are added to the dictionary of not, they exist, and we use them to communicate as a symbol for a thought, feeling, or idea. The same applies to the language of mathematics, which expands daily as newly discovered roots, trunks, branches, leaves, and Fruit of Islam/Mathematics are studied. My concentration is newly learned applications for ALL of the mathematics that I know, that I've learned, and that I will learn (Universally Now KNOWN/solved for X). This is constant elevation. New components, specifically sounds, shapes and symbols, bring forth new Understanding, and thereby, new Mathematical Truths (Relative Truths and Universal Truths). Every Man should and must have his own Original Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding, yet civilization can only advance, evolve and constantly elevate by properly acknowledging and interpreting the notations and symbols of others. A language, or anything for that matter, starts dying when it stops growing...Iqra...

Peace...Allah Universal


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Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything in Life
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