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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mind/Matter 01-28-2010

Guess the poetry bug never left me...enjoy...

The Divine Mind shapes the very Matter that tries in vain to Destroy its Maker
Almost a shame how We rigged the game
But what is matter, but Mind compressed over Time
Though only when Seen & observed, for when Matter is Unseen
It's but a Sea of Possibilities waiting for me to respond & apply my ability
When it waves, I wave back
But sometimes I give it the finger because of it's tidals that tend to linger
Trying to change my title & the reshape of the island I stand on
To hold on you gotta be damn strong
But I was warned by the Shamans about the harm to come, left with them & the animals, I been long gone
Now that current is gone so I'm currently using my mind to reshape matter again to start fresh, for better or worse
Nonetheless, my Babies don't need me to stress
Gotta keep my mind clear from being fogged up with what don't matter
So that my thoughts don't scatter but instead stay steady & focused on them to do what it takes for They & I to Win
The wind blows but it ain't Katrina again
We outlived her 4 years ago, guaranteed nothing else can do me in
Unless she comes again in the form of a Woman
Who doesn't hear when I summon her to her royal throne
That she mislooked & mistook for me just wantin to bone
True, in my player days I schooled & screwed crews of female fools
But leave my past alone, so what if I never forgot the rules?
That's cause I'm coaching the game now, sidelining but never from the bench
I'll dynamite you & mount your Everest later, for now let's explore your mental Marina Trench
& find our way from there to Mecca with lost treasures found in your Earthly Underground
& if you don't mind Lady, matter of fact, I'll flatter you & give it all back
Long as you got my back
Back on track to the actual fact of Mind/Matter
Mind can't be mathematically divided by matter, that's like dividing by zero
For it's the Mind that devised & divides Matter
Don't let your mind be shattered by fear, no
Just pay no mind to that which don't matter



  1. Peace, to find her way back to Mecca, what must a woman first do?

  2. find her way back to Mecca, a Woman must first find out where Mecca is...

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