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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Stream of Consciousness 2

As much as I often have to say, I'm what some might call a quiet person. It's not that really, I just need to do the Knowledge as much (if not more) than I need to breathe.  Some say I come off as stand-offish, unapproachable...let's see, militant was a funny one...distant would be one I heard a lot...again, not really so...I'm just very observant & very objective. No harm meant

The world that we've been born into isn't & never has been bad in itself, it's what we do with this world that makes it look fucked up...Like it or not, Know it or not, we've been shaping this world into what we all want it to be...It is what it is, so what does that say about us? Yep, blame it on those before us, but don't act like you have nothing to do with it. You, I, & everybody else are responsible for how this thing that we call Life on Earth turns some, that's not a surprise, to some, I guess it's time to wake up...Good Morning.

North Korea is being made out in the news to be a country not to be trusted or liked. It's not recent news, b/c it has roots back to the 50s. I honestly don't know what to think of what's been said of their nuclear program. If it's true, the world has got a serious issue on their hands...Not that I think they are a "match" for the U.S. Fact it tho, they really don't NEED to be with a nukehead aimed at wherever the fuck in Asia they can hit...Bush talked tough to NK, but backed down (if you listen to Scarface, he already said it on the Made album)...Fard used that same "fuck up their holiday" approach 76 years before that...Elijah said Japan, he was a lil' off though...Funny that 3 years b4 tho, the U.S.  ran up in Iraq throwing US citizens in with guns blazin as bait...BUT, I bet the U.S. is sittin still in South Korea right now because they KNOW not to be in North different than the blocks that police refuse to be on back home in the U.S., maybe they created that situation in North Korea for the people living there to fall victim to & collapse upon themselves...whatever the Truth is, I'm sure it can be found in the cause of the Korean War in the 1st place; Business...I feel for both sides if shit really pops off though, 

I recently stopped drinking coffee on a daily basis...I had to get to the root of way I dank it in the 1st place, & it was back when I worked overnight shift in '05...4 years that took to remember, but find the cause, find the cure...Funny thing is I used to hate the smell of coffee, I made myself get used to it...I let it keep me dependent on something, which made me look at dependency as a whole...Of course, we live in a symbiotic Universe, & all depend on something to make it thru the day...With that said, dependencies are unavoidable. What's of significance is what we choose to depend on. By choosing to depend on just the water, more than the coffee I was puttin in the water, I've destroyed one habit & built another on top of it.  The results are clearer thought, no crashing in need of more coffee, better continence (water retention, as the caffeine in coffee is a diuretic)...also, less coffee is less acid poured into the acid already in my stomach, same reason i stopped taking asperin & drinking minutemaid apple juice (that ascorbic acid/vitamin C added is not to be drank on an empty stomach)...along with eating less meat, less lactic acid builds up in the muscles, circulation is better, & the summer heat (yeah, I said summer 7 days early, It' s been hittin' 90 Degrees here since May), is more beneficial than annoying...driving with the AC off & feeling the heat is energizing as opposed to uncomfortable...Melanin is a wonderful thing...

The way in which you handle the situations in your life is your Culture.  Your Culture either Builds Character, or makes you a character...A lot of people don't pay very much attention to the culture that they live, mainly when it was given to them by trusted adults when they are young. This leads to systematic brainwashing being considered a (subtly mandated) social norm, which leads to stagnation, or even regression, of the evolution of consciousness, otherwise known as mental death. A mind is only cultivated from the outside when it's isn't being the cultivator. To submit your entire will to exterior forces (real or illusion, known or unknown)  is to lay your head on a chopping block. Not literally, but in the sense that mental death is a possible keep from being programmed, you must run on your own internal programming, that's how you generate your own Power...whatever you Know (not think feel or believe) of yourself & how you Carry yourself everyday, including all of the nuances & idiosyncracies that are unique to you...all of the changes you've caused over time, & all of the energy it took to get you to where you are today...all of that energy came from you...keep generatiing...

Speaking of which, got somewhere I need to be...Peace...Au


Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything in Life

Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything in Life
written by the Almighty Nation of Gods & Earths